Saturday, May 23, 2015

T.Notes #2: Tease

The highway of desire starts to curve to an end once that last item of clothing falls slowly to your feet. So tease a little longer, maybe dig a little deeper, for that hopeful tinge of substance. That quirky eccentricity that'll carry us giggling through the night, even after our ten minutes of heated passion.

T.Notes #1: When stuff happens

  1. Hang tight - Don't fall off the tracks.
  2. Maintain sensible perspective.
  3. Whatever you do, stay calm.
  4. Pray hard.
  5. Develop action plan.
  6. Don't forget to smile.
I've had these 6-point plan pinned up for quite a while. Because there will be days that things go wrong - and possibly more of those ones than the finer days. A certain conversation, an email, a phonecall, a diagnosis....stuff happens, life happens. I have always found things easier to deal with when i have a preemptive strategy of sorts.

On a brighter note, stocks were amazing last week!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The curious case of the missing underwear and a blogger group chat update.....

I did not have any expectations with the whole group chat idea. But I definitely did not expect it to carry on into 3am! In summary - good fun, and as expected most of y'all need deliverance of some sorts, but overall cheers to all participants!

Synchronising global timing takes some practice so apologies to those who got the times mixed up, and we will certainly schedule a repeat in the near future - probably on a friday as suggested.

As promised, here are the results of the player predictions.

MVP goes to SugarBelly/Olivia Pope! But for those we stayed long enough for the predictions, winning prediction goes to Nazzy. So Nazzy, drop me an email and we will sort out how to send over your prize. My preference is for a shopping voucher. 
P.S. All suggestions about the curiously missing underwear situation has been taken onboard!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Group Chat Update - Saturday 28th, March.

Thank God it's Fri-ai-ai-day-yeah!

Group chat is live tomorrow as per schedule. Details are below. Remember, we are playing for anonymity whilst remaining 100% truthful, so bring your best wit along!

Game details:

Take-off Time:
Lagos (Nigeria)                               Saturday, 28 March 2015, 22:00:00 WAT UTC+1 hour  
London (United Kingdom - England)             Saturday, 28 March 2015, 21:00:00 GMT UTC         
Washington DC (U.S.A. - District of Columbia) Saturday, 28 March 2015, 17:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours 
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)                       Sunday, 29 March 2015, 05:00:00   MYT UTC+8 hours 
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi)  Sunday, 29 March 2015, 01:00:00   GST UTC+4 hours 
Corresponding UTC (GMT)                       Saturday, 28 March 2015, 21:00:00      

If you have requested for a reminder email, you should receive one shortly.

P.S: This is not intended to be an intellectual discus, abeg, it's weekend. So grab a coffee, reliable internet, kick back and live a little.

P.P.S: In the event that the world ends tomorrow as a result of Nigeria elections, or participant numbers is below the ten(10) minimum, or IT issues screw things over, we'll simply postpone till some other time. If chatroom visitors max out, you can create a free account on chatzy and jump right back in.

P.P.P.S: Yes, you are allowed to invite your boy/girl friend if you are keen for some saturday night randomness. Although, you do that at your own risk for obvious reasons.

All other things being equal...this could be...potentially interesting. So yeah...let's see.

Don't forget to pre-test your device compatibility by clicking into the chat room now and leaving an anonymous short message. I'll be in and out of the room to respond to 'test messages'. For those who have done so, your messages went through ok.

Never have i ever.....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The random blogsville group chat: Update

Update 1.0
Group chat details are as follows:

Lagos (Nigeria)                               Saturday, 28 March 2015, 22:00:00 WAT UTC+1 hour  
London (United Kingdom - England)             Saturday, 28 March 2015, 21:00:00 GMT UTC         
Washington DC (U.S.A. - District of Columbia) Saturday, 28 March 2015, 17:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours 
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)                       Sunday, 29 March 2015, 05:00:00   MYT UTC+8 hours 
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi)  Sunday, 29 March 2015, 01:00:00   GST UTC+4 hours 
Corresponding UTC (GMT)                       Saturday, 28 March 2015, 21:00:00      

Please test your device compatibility by clicking into the chat room now and leaving an anonymous short message. I'll be in and out of the room to respond to 'test messages'.

Cancellation notice:
Details are subject to postponement/cancellation at short notice. I'll however let you know ahead of time. But as at now, all systems are go, and i'm looking for the 1st ten(10) chirpy players!

Keep Calm, it's Thursday!
 ................................................................................................................................. following up on previous post here, I will setting up an online blogsville group chat on the 28th March, so mark your diaries. I think this has potential to be...interesting, so yeah...let's see.

Here are the details, which i will update frequently, so refresh this page every now and then.

Confirmed date:.....
Chat Site:.....
Log in PIN.....

 The Game 

Source: Amazon

We will be playing the silly party game Never have I ever - with a bit of hopefully fun twist. If you are not familiar with the Never have I ever, here is a typical format via the video below. 

"The object of the game is simple, players take turns to answer highly personal and potentially defamatory questions" - Amazon.

The Twist / Contest

Here is the twist. The chat will be entirely anonymous, which means participants will sign into the chat room using any random blogger name that does not belong to you. For example, Toinlicious may sign in as Afrobabe.
Note: Your chosen blogger name should be as random and obscure as possible, because the aim of the game will be to unmask as many players as you can. I.e, the player who successfully identifies the highest number of real bloggers behind their chosen fake names wins. I expect the whole things should not go longer than about 1hour, depending on how quick we catch on.

The Prize
I will email a $$$ gift voucher to the winner, as my sort of mini blog give-away.

How to play 
The game will run in quick rounds, moderated by an anonymous participant. The moderator will call out a confession/topic/question for each round, which will then carry on into quick-fire responses by every player.

So, the moderator may start off with a Never have I ever declaration, then each player will respond in turn either affirming or denouncing that same confession for themselves, however making their own declaration a little more creative to hopefully mask their identity. After every player has made their personal statement, the moderator will hand over to another player to start off the next round of Never have I ever declaration.

Simple example
Moderator: This is round 5. The catogory is lush kisses. So your declarations/confessions will revolve this topic. Player 1 will start off

Player 1: Never ever have i kissed a man.
Player 2: Never ever have i kissed a girl on a sunny sunday in New York City.
Player 3: Never kissed at all.

So from the answers, you may likely guess that player 1 is either a guy or a lesbian, and therefore could be Duru Jnr masquerading as SisiYemmie. Player 3 is defintely not Duru ;)

Your answers have to be 100% truthful and realistic, but think carefully, as every player will be using your answers to work out who you are.
At the end of the game we will take turns to reveal each participant's best guesses. The person who correctly guesses the highest number of bloggers correctly wins. Simples.

If you have any questions, you can drop them into the comments box and i will try to answer them asap, that way the chat is not used up trying to explain rules and etc.

How to enter
Sign up in the comments box and go on to decide your chosen fake blog handle which you will use to log into the chat room. Keep your diary open at the decided date & time. You may drop an email address if you want a personal reminder closer to the chat date. You may want to have a reliable internet connection, possibly on a laptop.

I need to think these through properly to ensure i have covered every angle and simplified things as much as possible. Hence, the details, times and dates are subject to change until 'good-to-go', and also to allow for significant number of particpants signed in. I will hold off for a minimum of ten(10) confirmed players before proceeding. I will try to do some PR blog rounds over the weekend to quicken things.

So yeah, that's about it. See you at the Masked Ball....

Burn out

I took this picture about two weeks ago in a moment of pride, joy...and something much deeper. It signified to me the achivement of a goal. It stood there as a testament to that timeless creed that 'all things are possible to them that dream, reach and have faith. It was not so much about the car, but the journies up that point, and hence I was going to put up a post about it, really as a sort of bookmark, for my own quiet acknowledgement. Then i remembered one Linda Ikeji post and wondered about  motives, so i scrapped the idea.

But i am tired today. It is 11pm, and this is usually the begining of the second part of my day. My usual routine is to take a short nap after work, then wake at 11pm and spend the rest of the night burning papers for two sets of pro.exams as well as compulsorily keeping abreast of Bloomberg and CNN. But today, o ti su mi. I'm looking at everything and wondering, what exactly am i doing? It's like i have suddenly understood the meaning of that rat race and the wicked cruelty in it all. You hop into that concourse and jugger along for...the rest of life?

I feel like i started this journey to prove a point - that i can come here and be bad mother shut your mouth awesome on two simple counts - faith and dogged perseverance. Which is really all we have...But what happens after you've got the t-shirt? I'd love to speak to Linda and ask what happens next after the 4x4? Do you reach for your towel and retire off the race, or do you clearly have to push on harder to carry on keeping up appearances. There is something sadly depressing about that idea. But maybe i wouldn't be thinking like this after a good night's rest...or maybe there is more to my cynic discontent, knowing that there should be more to life than all that i am wasting away on account of....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Le F*&^k!!! (Mocking Bird)

Once upon a time...
one blogger knew one blogger on a cold winters' night,
and the two decided never to speak of it ever again
-an intentional noble agreement for the sake of world peace
One west, one south, paths never ever to cross again.

Fast forward three calm years later,
a party invite off social media, a casual glance at the accepted invites' list....
a mocking bird quirps.

You know that sinking feeling when you realize that all hell is about to break loose...
when you hear a sickening knock on a coffin latch that should for all reason be dead quiet.

In the old blogging days, people knew too much
traded secrets and allegiances like a hooker's midnight wages
but as we mature and real lives slowly creep in,
you soon realize how you have stupidly hung lives on fragile threads in the hands of similarly broken strangers.

So words fade away and pages disappear - all too intentionally,
As fancy masks become permanently welded into scarred faces,
because when you have everything to loose,
however pretty a mocking bird is, the only desperate hope is that she don't sing.

I find it funny when people talk wishfully about old days,
unaware that nobody hugs a clock of darkness,
or daintifully skips away into obscurity without reason.
Reasons such as this.