Friday, March 26, 2010

Does Shy Guy get the Girl (2)? (Ask @neefemi!)

Preferred Title: *Angel in Teller 6*
Note: For newcomers, this is an update to me really just fooling around with words. You could stop by the previous blog titled "Shy guy gets the girl" to be updated.
P.S, I threw in @neefemi in the title cos she's such an inspirer! Lol!!!
*Newcomer Chidum works on the teller desk 5,next to Angel's.

Angel enters- clearly in a bit of huff, she dumps some files on the till desk, then on second thought, simmers her tirade and eases gently into the chair (behind the desk). The bank hall is relatively inactive.

Chidum: (Whilst maintaining focus on his system ) Are you alright?
Angel: (Through gritted teeth) I swear, I’m going to wring someone’s neck in this office very soon.
Chidum: (Turns briefly to her) Somebody’s peeved. What’s up?
Angel: (Lowers her voice yet maintains her angst) Would you imagine that the forty something year old excuse-of-a-boss spanked my bum!
Chidum: (Eyes wide and clearly interested) You’re joking!
Angel: (Speaking whilst hurriedly putting together some sheets) I’ve helped him pick up his five year old kid from school on many occasions; I’ve sat in the same car with his pregnant wife, and he has the gall to pinch my ass and make passes at me.
Chidum: (Grinning) The-lucky-bastard! What did he say?
Angel: What else? Bull ofcourse. He wasn’t beating much about the bush; he hit bulls eye on his intentions in very few words.
(Adds under breath with spiteful undertone) Certainly a sick old one minuter.
Chidum: (Laughs out loud, then adds with a wicked grin) So, details! Was it a smack or squeeze? Gentle or hard?
Angel turns a lethal look at him.
Chidum: (Unfazed) What?! I’ve been your right hand guy in this office for the past year and you’ve never so much indulged my fingernail on your flesh without a whack, yet the old geezer gets a handful-with no apologies.
Angel: Cee, be serious for once!
(Continues with an undertone of irritation.): I don’t get it; why is it so hard to ‘leave the rest’?
Chidum: (Puzzled) Uh?
Angel: (Picking up tempo) -to take yours and leave the rest, why is that such a big deal for people, especially you men!
Chidum: You’re speaking in parables.
Angel: (Looks around blankly then finally focuses on an empty small tray on the till desk) The complimentary sweets for instance. Why can’t customers apply simple courtesy, pick one and leave the rest on the tray. Instead they’d suck on one whilst trying to skillfully dump another five or six into their pockets.
(Pointedly) If a man finds a wife, meaning she’s signed contract to shift her thong at his every whim and call-night or day, what else does he want?
Chidum: Honey, that equation is way more complex than your simple candy pilfering analogy. Besides-(Grinning)-candies, come in various flavours – apricot, tangy, bubblegum…a sweet tooth is inevitable in this present day, I tell you!
Angel: (With condescending frown) Even if, - boss is certainly not the choicest pick off the rack.
(Rolls a cynic eyebrow) He’s got a pot belly Cee.
Chidum: (Now turns fully towards her) Aww common, why are you being so sanctimonious about the whole thing. If a guy is making passes at you, it should only validate your ego. Do you know what I advice? Take him up on his offer. One night, show him what a CrossRiverian woman is made of, then demand a pay rise!
Angel: (Hisses and returns attention to her system) You’re clearly the wrongest person to be discussing this with. Besides, as tempting as a payrise is, that old leech cannot afford me. Plus, (adds with style) tickets to my Umoja is not up for public offer.
Chidum: (Guffaws) Tickets to your Umoja!
(Notices Seeni now entering the banking hall) And hmmm talking about Umoja, clearly your village goddesses did some overtime on your behalf last night. Look who’s joining the quee to book a ride to Umoja.
Angel sights S walking towards the till; her face lights up.

Angel: Now there’s a passenger worth considering.
(Mouths with a tinge of urgency) Bugger off/F*ck off Chidum!

She entreats a smile as he nears her till. Just at the moment, M, a heavy set middle aged female Manager cuts S’s path and dumps some files on A’s desk.

M (with urgency): Angel, we need to sort out this returns now!
Angel: (Stammers with a mix of confusion and ardent disappointment at the unwanted distraction) But…I…(Motions at S)…I’ve got a customer to attend to.
M: (Directs S to Chidum) Good day Sir, kindly let teller 5 attend to you.

S is also clearly disappointed. He shuffles off the line and heads towards Chidum after much hesitation whilst mouthing a murmer.


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