Monday, March 1, 2010

Empire State of Mind: Arabian Nights

Memories of last night would forever remain etched in the loftiest halo of my mind. Recollections of its every moment would excite my thoughts every time I bring them to mind. And for the prude reader who is already itching for sex related information, you do need to get your mind out of the gutter! Although, someone recently described my writings as having sex with words! Good Lord!(Fans flustered face).

Last night, I and a few others were granted a rare privilege to witness the solemnization of a monarch's wedding. Go green with envy yes, but let me bask in the importance! The contracts restrict us from peddling details of the event, but one irony I can tactfully gloat of is that while our government made a public show of shame (as far as I am concerned)on the same foreign soil, we on the other hand humbly accepted few hours of unsolicited recognition within the glorious Saudi Palace.

The event was a private wedding of the King's Son. The very few invited guests were obviously people of notable importance and I won't stretch the truth any more than necessary by claiming to have received invite of such caliber. We only came in as part of the event coverage crew-of which you might say that our genre is rather unusual. I will explain. It's called imagery writing. What we do is, we paint pictures with words, just like Davinci, Omokpraiye, T.Y Bello and the like, except that instead of with paint brush, cameras or colors we do ours with a pen, paper and the gift of creative imagination. It’s like how ancient Egyptians had palace scribes to make journals of historic happenings, or an impassioned journalist would present live footage of events. We use a fusion of literal prowess and artistic opinion to present a finished work of an elaborate journal of a live experience. Incase this all sounds like gibberish to you, it’s a relatively new art form that’s still a long way from being widely accepted.

So we set up workshop in an advantaged veranda which over viewed the lush palace garden where the shindig happened. I tell you, love is sweet yes, but it is sheer bliss when celebrated in rich splendor. It is no news that in Lagos, we pride ourselves in fine wedding extravagance, but even the best of our intentions ought to take lessons from the Saudi Royals. Such as how Prince Abdul escorted his young bride with garlands of exotic roses hugging their bare footsteps, and their plain white linen apparel flowing freely in the fine midday breeze. If it were possible, I could have sworn those people had also paid for the glorious weather!

Like I’d said, I can't disclose much since they've purchased every write to my description of the event (it's complex legal stuff which even I don't understand!), I only seek to reminisce with these notes. I can however end this brief journey of nostalgia by sharing one imagery with you and we'll just keep it secret between me and you.

…As wonders abound the skies so did many fine moments and imagery color the couple's glorious day. And after all was said and done, just before Prince Abdul whisked away his Princess, they left us with one crowning eternal instant when they took center stage for the last dance of the night. Having witnessed the best of the Saudi cultures, it was as if America also came to pay homage as Stevie Wonder's timeless jazzy tune now took over the night. So with a background of the legendary Arabian night skies and right in the middle of an idyllic heaven of flowers and night scents, the two waltzed, dipped and swayed in response to Stevie's question : Isn't she lovely? And lovely indeed they both were….

Yours truly

Well writing for Saudi monarchs is dandy fine but I am still desirous to lend my pen to a taste of South Africa's amazingness, so if you've got contacts, link a brother up!

This is ONLY Empire State of Mind.

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