Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Guy’s Random Perspectives On Life, Sex and Love

“...and the man you’re living with now isn’t even your husband.” -Jesus-

1. I know the devil like I know the shape of the birth mark beneath my navel. “She’s” that oily urgent voice that urges me to do the things...well, I’d rather not do, then a few hours later, she’s the loudest of the voices that turn around and condemn me.

2. Honestly, it’s fine Lord when you take the initiative to “protect” me from my own tendencies, but uhmm, letting that ATM swallow my card just so I won’t have tomorrow morning, now that’s just underhand and scheming! But fast thinking, I will give it to you. Will go cold turkey, no problem. Don’t stop.

3. Father Forgive me, my mind has sinned (again). 10,000th confession, Day One! That is the journey of a Man who’s trying to be “good”.

4. One day I stepped out for a church altar call asking for worn out people who were sick of live and were considering “ending it all”. You should have seen the throng of people (yes, here in Naija) that streamed out! They had to take that call three times and the numbers kept coming! I thought I had problems.

5. Nigerians don’t commit suicide, really. That’s why the issue of that foiled suicide bomber shocked us all. To be honest, we’re just too selfish for life. Nigerians rough it out to the end, and there’s also the fact that most of us are just too scarred chicken. Why else would we wallow in decades of bad governance and haven’t revolted since- I tell you, no Nigerian wants to die for anybody, not even himself!

6. A gun feels very cold against your temple; a woman’s body and curves on the other hand is soothingly warm. God invented icecream for various reasons.

7. T.Notes T.Notes T.Notes, I tell myself everyday: Life is about exercising self control over your urges, else we’d be no different than the animal kingdom doing it all over the place. Sometimes tho, animal kingdom doesn’t sound like a bad consideration. Washing machine, alley corner, Kitchen Table, Pool, Football pitch...get your minds out of the gutter!

8. Can you really run from your weaknesses forever? I think someday it will catch up on me.

9. The difference between a Christian man who’s trying to take this business serious and walk away from his past, is just that, he lives daily in torment and guilt, whilst enjoying times of momentary victories. The guy next door on the other hand, has abandoned caution and the sounds of the moans and scream coming out of his bedroom every night, vary. Nights of passion, but that tormenting demon after all is said and done seems to have glued itself permanently to his shoulders. Well at least, during the nights, the moans and screams drown out its squeaky voice- even if only temporary.

10. What is missing in Nollywood, is that the writers who have something that’s positively introspective to say about life and stories, have sensibly rationalized that the rewards of battling the mediocrity in the industry is small compared to the effort. Offer good pay for a script for God’s sake, and lets discus how to move things forward. What you need, is clear- a sensible storyline that’s carefully and artistically put together!

11. Its only when it’s dark (NEPA takes light) that you know who owns a generator. And it doesn’t matter then how rickety or giant the machine is, just as long as it powers the house for the duration of the night. Sigh, T.Notes, go figure.

12. Our consolation in all this is that, this chaos must be leading somewhere. There must be a sensible conclusion- for better or worse, at least, the waves will settle and the sun will shine.

13. Rejoice about a great future, even when it’s seemingly at its darkest stage.

14. I am addicted to Blogger; it’s making me become somewhat of an insomniac.

15. Hi, and thank you to all my new followers. If I haven’t returned the favour, which I honestly try to immediately, please holler here.

16. Lol, yes, I will next update “Shy guy gets the girl”. Stop by previous blog if confused.


  1. "Our consolation in all this is that, this chaos must be leading somewhere. There must be a sensible conclusion- for better or worse, at least, the waves will settle and the sun will shine"

    thats it in a nutshell

  2. @Harry: Thanx Man,feel free to take your pick(s).

    @neefemi: Asides from my clearly frustrated ramblings that sunday, my Pastor quoted that one. Should have acknowledged him there. Definitely a sensible conclusion to the whole matter.

    @All: Thanx4 dropping by.

  3. lmao @ 10,000th confession, Day One!

    I have fallen in love with your mind babes...

  4. wait sef! ... are u sure u didn't pull d 'shy guy ...' urself?lol!

  5. @Musco: Dang!!!Whats ur problem men, trying to be on to me or something!!!