Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Imagine being really Super Intelligent

I'm just messing around here.
***Omar is a special patient in a psychiatric ward; Dr J is the new young Doctor assigned to him.***


Dr J: (She smiles) Faithless...ok, that's a start! Tell me more, please.

Omar: Like good bread you leave abandoned on a window sill.
He's briefly quiet, thoughtful.
After a few days, it starts to go hard, its none of the bread's fault. That's just nature.

Dr J (Nodds): And is that how you're feeling right now, faithless? Has life killed your hopes and dreams- Is that why you're here?

Omar: (Gets up and takes a short walk to the tiny window, the only source of light streaming into the padded cell) Humans, we like to simplify things, package it into neat formulars that we can analyse and handle. Life isn't always simple mathematics.

Dr J (Nodds): I agree with you.

Omar: No you don't.
(Flicks a hand) Whatever. I'm done talking.

Dr J:Come on Omar! A simple analogy on Faith, that's all we finally get after three months of silence?! I'm getting tired of this!

Omar: (Calmly) And you think i'm not? You manage a twenty minutes session everyday. Twenty minutes and you're done, plus you get a pay cheque at the end of it all. When you leave, i remain here staring at white walls.
(Returns a short glance her way) Who should really be tired? Tell them to release me; i want to go home.

Dr J: You know they're not letting you go until you satisfy them. They have their facts; they know what your mind is capable of and they won't let up. The fastest way to make this all end is to cooperate.

Omar: (Grunts) Either you're pretty dense for a psychologist or
(Laughs) -You- are faithless and think this whole thing is a daft waste of your time. The sooner i start talking, the quicker you can proof that i'm just another loonie and the better for you.
(Dons hands into pockets and walks slowly to her) Maybe i should give you a little demonstration, temper your curiosity a bit.
(Leans close to her face) What do you think?

Dr J (Folds arms above her chest and maintains a cynic expression): Please indulge me.

Omar: You're well read. Certainly, you're familiar of this fine introduction: The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, Let there be light, and there was light.

Dr J: First book of Genesis. Go ahead.

Omar: Amazing uh? First there was nothing, like blank pages on a new notepad. There was nothing but a thought, then imagination, then words. Creativity creates everything.

Dr J: And the point is?

Omar: Da vinci, Ludwig van Beethovan, Micheal Jackson...the creative mind rules the world, and God certainly was a creative genius.

Dr J: (Dryly) I will do my best to be patient, assuming this isn't leading to another theological conclusion. I'm not a fan of spirituality.

Omar: Faithless. Blessed are them that have never seen, yet believe. Luckily, some things in life don't require the faith of a mountain, you only need to open your mind and see, then you will believe.
(Begins to walk slow circles around her)
The institute doesn't have half their facts right; their understanding is limited; there is no limitation to imagination, do you know what that implies?
(Picks tempo)
They think i'm some sort of genius- scientifically, politically...they think i possess enough intelligence to cause some sort national dramatic revolution.
(Dry laugh) Their naivety amuses me. Its like a child who finds a genie and starts to greedily think of all the chocolates he now has magical access to, when in reality, he can rule the world.

Dr J: So what, you're affirming that you're some sort of god?

Omar: Creativity is god, as far as your eyes can see.

Dr J: Talk, they say, is cheap. Show me proof.


  1. i like this one, you imply your settings well, i could envision what was going on without difficulty.
    also correct me if im wrong, but guy in the ward is emphasizing creativity, and uses creation as a reference. is the script implying that people who belive in the creation are viewed as crazy, but really have special insight? or its just saying that creation was one of the best forms of creativity?

  2. I got the same thing out of that. I think its Creation is the form of creativity. Because if can have a master in design but if you don't have the talent, then you never make it. Good story here, gives a lot to think about.

  3. Enjoyed reading this, very deep!

  4. Hello People!(And my first set of readers too!)Thanks for dropping by.
    You opinions hit my intentions smack on the head.
    I tried not to cross the line of heresy whilst putting forward an opinion that creativity is expression of the "God-nature" in man.
    I'm an enthusiast for all forms creative art -writing, dancing, music, etc and i think people with creative gifts are the real geniuses-even though most times ascribed to as social misfits/loonies;)

  5. So yeah,
    @gigi:Thanx! You probably might have even put it better than me.i.e its a combition of both=having special insight, and acknowledging the first form of creativity in the creation.
    I'll be over at your page.

    @Squirly: The frankness of your page caught me a little unawares-especially as i first opened it right there at my office desk!lolChecking yours out more comfortably this morning. Thanx4 following.

    @Liya Lolita: Thanx. Though, lol, i doubt i'm usually always "deep" in that sense. A good laugh's always fine by me.I'll be over at yours.

  6. hmmm interesting...i like the analogies, you have a way with definitely are a creative genius

  7. My brain just paused...i think i need someone to explain this to me..