Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shy Guy gets the Girl!! (For Sweetums! (Y) )

A: (Looks up briefly from the computer screen) Your signature is irregular.
S: (Coolly) You’re probably looking up the old one. I changed it sometime back; if you scroll down, you’ll see…
A: Ha, o.k. I see it now. Sorry.
S: That’s fine.
Brief Pause
(After a bit of hesitation, then with mustered determination) Can I buy you lunch?
A: (Appears taken aback and laughs consciously) Lunch? I barely know you!
S: (Shakes his head) Not true. You know I bank here, you probably know I come here everyday to steal glances at you, and I’m most certain it’s visible on your screen that I just withdrew this cash via ATM which I’m paying it back into the same account.
(Weak Smile) It’s a lame stunt, I know, but I had to try something eventually -to get a few minutes of your attention.
A: (Laughs out loud) Yes, I did observe that fact immediately. But it’s not my position to question the sanity of our customer’s transactions. L.O.L, you’re funny.
S: Uh?
A: (Flicks a finger) Ignore the last bit. Bad habit from too much BB-ing.
S: (Leans forward and whispers) So what do you say…to the date? It took me five weeks to work up this nerve.
A: (Speaks whilst consciously maintaining eyes on the screen) You’re not doing bad at all for a shy guy.
(Stamps his slip) You don’t even know my name?
S: (Short laugh) A.I.T.6. Angel in teller Six.
A: (Looks up at him) Uh?!
S: That’s how I’ve referred to you- every time I get back to the office and moan about coming here and loosing the nerve to even say hello. That’s why you need to say yes to my date offer.
A: (Murmurs) Shy, Funny and Creative too.
(Brief frown) But need to? Tsk tsk, you’ve got to know it can’t be that easy to get a girl’s attention. I like things the old fashioned way; if you want a date, vie for it.
S: (With a tinge of smugness) Even though I’ve also caught you a few times returning my stolen glances?
A: (Casually) You probably wore a nice shirt or something. Good girls don’t stare at men.
(Leans forward with a naughty grin) But tell me, what are your intentions for this…date?
S: (Returns her tact) Isn’t that a bit forward for a lady?
A: (Leans back) Island guys are-for most parts, a bunch of FBA time wasters. I’m not into the matinees and sex games.
S: (Factly) I’ve never seen below your neckline from where I’m standing and yet I’ve been daydreaming of your smile for six weeks- that should say something about my intents.
A: (Return him a stamped deposit slip and now speaks officially) Your transaction is complete Mr Smith. Please drop the pink copy on your way out.
S: (Appears aghast) You’re going to brush off the shy, witty and creative guy without any reply? I thought I was gaining ground!
A: (With a smile) Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me.
S: (Face lights up) Twice on the pipe if the answer is no! Tony Orlando. I love that song too!
A: (Returns an official demeanor) Have a nice day Mr. Smith.
(Motions behind him) Next customer please.

A shuffles off the line and leaves after much hesitation.

A: (Watches him leave whilst she taps her desk slowly (thrice) with a clenched knuckle) Ooh Lord please, make him come back.


  1. This is so cute!
    id love to see that in real life :)

  2. Lol. Thanx! I thought so too; glad to have an affirmation. Trying to polish my wittiness and conversation lines for screenplay n theater. These Lofty aspirations of mine!

  3. haha!that was real funny. wish this situation will occur to me

  4. @ ążŘĕЄŋ: I could bet my last *Naira* that if you- think not too deep, you count recount no less than ten instances when such has happened to you;).
    Thanx. Now, what's accoutrement???lol.I'll find out.

  5. OOOH that was sauve, i love your writing! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. you've attracted me as a follower, keep 'em coming!
    oh and tell me about these theatre writing gigs of yours once you get a chance!

  6. @trytryagain...You'll welcome. And welcome aboard here too;) Will start up a discussion thread sometime soon and we can talk writing ideas, theater, school and pesky office colleagues;)
    Oh, n thanx4 the compliment.

  7. Hmm, i have some naughty ideas for developing this. Will hopefully put up a followup later.

  8. Me likey! Very much! Will be patiently waiting for a follow up :)

    PS Thank you for stopping by at mine.

  9. lol Um okay. I want to say cute but I'm not sure yet! 2 much gestures, it almost sounds Nollywood ish. LOL
    patiently awaiting d follow up tho.

  10. @Dith: Aww common, just say you like it;)lol. Yiiish, Nollywoodish is not a good comment at all- the idea is to rise above those standards!But *constructive constructive criticism noted.

    @CaramelD. WhoopieDoo!Considering your far n wide acclaim/repute (lol), that's most def a compliment. Thanx4 dropping by urself.

    @all: Followup will suffice soon. I'm a bit of nittypicky with streaming the words/conversation together. They must gel fluidly like....

  11. ...shld try out my own version of this story!

    cool blog!

  12. soooooooo hawt!!!!! thanks for stopping by! look who is calling me a good writer!!!

  13. @Shubby Doo: Thanx!But hmm,too much sugar and cherry just won't do. Will have2 up the tempo on this one;)

    @Musco: Yeah Man!I'm up for a good challenge!Just checked out your page, so waiting for your own version. Is that a duel; bring it on!!!lol. Oh n finally, a Naija Guy blogger- was begining to think we're an extinct breed!

    @LovePaprika: Miss Love Miss Love Miss Love!Stopping by's a start-i'm an ardent follower now!Mucho gracias too.

  14. I must first time here and this is awesome!

  15. Thanx Dew!!!Been to yours, n hoping to read more of you.
    Cheers Cheers.

    Ok, it's seeming like i can't even write anything else! Haba,people, read other blogs too!

  16. @neefemi: Thanx again!You took your time around the older blogs,awesome!

  17. Awwww this is so sweet...

    Now I wish I had a new man chasing me...the chase...owwwwwwww the chase!!

  18. @Afrobabe: Why do i imagine you'd ravish the guy before he's done concocting his lyrics!!!lmao!!!!
    Cool seeing you around!

  19. Sebastian (yes, that looney disney crab!) is singing in my ear tonight: shalalala,don't be shy, you gotta kiss the girl!
    Everybody saw Disney's Little mermaid, yah? Even if you watched it then for the sake of your pesky 5yr old neice, but we saw it n loved it. Y do i bring that up? To sort of xplain this 2minute scenerio that's tipping over 20comments!! BTW,thanx all4 dropping by.

    Its a fast world we live in: twitter,BB,Cable t.v,everything's reduced to microwave speed to save our "precious time". But, i don't know ooo,maybe i'm just getting old/ old fashioned, sometimes,i certainly do appreciate that as regards matters of d heart, such as the proverbial "falling in love", i think the good ole fashioned way still does it best.i.e,don't hurry by with short messages,DM and yahooChats.Let's not meet at the bar n end up within the sheets, let's just slow things dowwwn!Let me eye you from across the room; allow me have my cold feet and try2 beat it wondering what to say to you and how. And when i finally say hello, let it feel like electricity when i graze your hand by "mistake". Let it feel so much like magic that a 10yr old disney cartoon character will return to my matured head tonight teasing me till i lean over and kiss you for the very first time...

    *Don't crucify me o, "sharp-sharp" has its advantages but...i'm just saying". Na my blog now! (It's my blog right!)

    @Aiesha: Thanx girl!I'll zipp over to urs shortly.

  20. lmao....omygosh, you are such a retard...heheheheheh but awwww at the old fashioned bit, i am the same sweet