Sunday, April 25, 2010


Soldier DOWN!!!!Somebody call in the Medics!Serious, i need blogsville help!Hence my resurfacing (contrary to my last blog)! Or more like i just NEED to type and unwind abit.

So, Hi people...Xplanation of last blog:Things r sorta hectic right now, so i took a break off work and off life to try to sort things out. But there are two basic pressing issues right now, one of which caused me to crawl out of my hole.

1. I've got a killer professional exam this week, hence my break off work. (I intend to bastardise that paper!)

2. Processes as regards my relocating plans is getting sorta hectic, hence my need for further time to rethink and restrategise.

So, i've been pretty much having a serious headache due to No2 issue, then it occurred to me that i've got all calibre of folks on blogsville who would recognize with this phase, hence, i better start a thread on this, pull in your support/advice an maybe reduce my headache. SO, PLSSSS READ THRU TO THE END AND IF U RECOGNIZE, DROP REAL ADVICE/DIRECTION/ENCOURAGEMENT.

Basically i've been doing the white collared job for about 4 years now, and sometime recently, due to certain discontents i made up my mind to relocate to the U.K for a while, get an additional degree and some work experience. (E.g of discontent, this chic that joined my company recently, my age but she was smart enough to come in with a degree from City University, hence, she's got a fat paycheque and an official Jeep in the pipeline, i'm like WHAT!!!...)But really thats just a minor part of my discontent. I'm pretty much tired of being shackled to the 4am to 9pm, so i want some release, some timeout to think and restrategise towards my bigger plan of making my writing become a job. i.e theater etc...Long story, but thats the gist.

But that's besides the point.

Here are my headaches, for which I NEED YOU!:
1. Its a big headache relocating!!!I hate uncertainty. I hate the fact that for one year i'm becoming a student again and there's literally no fat paycheque nesting waiting to drop into my account.

2. So i have to pull in all the funds i'll need for a year at least. Which is a headache! I used to think i was boxed up(i.e STINKY RICH;)), but with the bills that the agents are piling up, my head's getting sore!!!I'm seeing in my sleep, N1.7million maintenance, N3.2million tuition, agency fees, flight fees....this is BULLOCKS!!!!

3. I hate the thot of not being able to live like a king in my own country!!!I mean, the implication of this is: henceforth being frugal with every penny!!!Gosh, i'm gonna become a pauper?!!!Honest i'm not embellishing myself more than is needed, but if u've ever been a foreign student without family support over there, then u'd get the gist.All the funds u bring in is literally all the support u'd have whilst u're there. Basically its SORT URSELF OUT WITH UR GOD!

4. No more vacations!!!What?!!!I can't splurge as i wish???I can't go shopping as i wish??I have to constantly think of having "end of week rent?!"What the H*ll?!!excuse my language But its Headache Headache Headache!!!

5. VISA ISSUES!!!!I thought i had time on my side, now they're telling me that i have to apply early before the usual student visa rush! Mind you, the implication of that is, i have to fund my account with about N4million within one month and pay a good portion of my tuition fee early, say N1.5million. Oooh God, should i not just abandon this and remain seated where i am?!!!!

6. Its not that its not do-able. I mean, i knew all this b4 i started the admission runs, (which is pretty much sorted now)its just that its all coming in a rush!!!My CAS is ready, but the chic in the school advices i make an extra payment so that'll be included in the CAS b4 she send sit over. SO, Hurry about hurry about, find N1.7million pronto!Oooh God, A GROWN MAN CRIES!!!

7. I just more or less had a rough conversation with Father. I hate going to meet people for money, but shoot, desperate situation here, so, DRATSSSS, i'm burying my pride all over the place here. And, yeah i understand his intention, but the way the discusssion went, had me feeling humilated- like i'm a teenager again! And i HAVE HUGEEEEE AFRICAN MAN PRIDE!!!

8. And i'm not done with him, i still have a list of other people i have to "visit" to source for loans to shore my account in time. THIS SUCKS!!MAJOR, BIG TIME!!!Oooh God, A GROWN MAN CRIES!!!

9. And it would be fine, if i was doing all this to go for one year of comfort, but for pitts sake, i'm gonna be a student again!!!And i'm going to be living on N2million for a whole year!!!Oooh God, A GROWN MAN CRIES!!!

10. And putting up with the racial stuff, i was never a fan of! Blacks who live in the U.K, i hail you. (United States understandable) I just could never do it for more than a maximum of three weeks vacation. The way some of em' look at you atimes and respond to you....i usually just stomach it and say, "No problem man, Na you carry ur leg come here." No doubt, i have some really cool white friends, but honestly some times, i could do without the stigmatisation. Its fine when i'm on hols, but for a whole year sha...God dey.

11. Ok, i should get back to the books. Phew...i feel better now. Though drats, the issue is not gone anywhere, N5million liability is still staring me in the face and there is no running away from it this time. I've put if off many times b4, this TIME, IT MUST MUST BE DONE!By fire by force!!!
(Oya, Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire! Holy Ghost Fire!Fireeeeeeeee!)Lol!!!Don't mind me jare. We know how we pray in my Fatherland.

12. And after all this wahala, U.K BA has bettter grant me the student visa!!!



P.S, Ooooh yup i did feel good from all the previous comments. I'm quarter to being ALMOST FAMOUS ON BLOGGER!!!

P.S2: Check this out:
"How dare you talk to me like that?!Do you know who i am?"
"Who you be?"
"I have over a thousand followers on twitter/blogger/FB!!!"


  1. hmmmm.....welcome to the world i went thru dis time last yr!

    wetin u find go agency sef?all dis rich naija people sef

    as per d tips on(what exactly?)make we see 4 'camera'!

  2. I really wish you the best and God bless!

    1)Don't look at being a student and having to be prudent with money, as being a pauper. It's sort of an investment. When you get out, you will be telling a diff. story.

    2)I can imagine. Relocating can be annoying but it gets fun!

    All the best again.

  3. i agree with Nakedsha....look at it as an investment...i'm all for education so i will tell you to go, you will have fun trust and you will do well, and one year flies fast, trust me... all the best, it is well

  4. @musco my man;) yeah,i put one n one 2geda n figured u wer in this same rut about this time last yr. Abeg,drop ur e-mail n lets,i can tranfer the agency fee to u if u prove useful.In d meantime,think back a lil abit n drop wteva tips come2 mind. E.g, what was ur rundown/2-dos before the final takeoff...etc

    @NakedSha. All i know is this part right ere right now is absolutely no fun!
    Alot of times,i pause what i'm doing and start staring unconsciously in2 space--my mind drifts far and wide and is SCHEMING MONEY MONEY Ohhh Lord Money!!!WHO ELSE IS OWEING ME; WHAT OTHER ASSET CAN I DISPOSE OF; SHOULD I PUT A HOLD ON MY TITHES?!

    @nifty neefemi: yeah,as an investment's a "cushy" way of looking at it. lol,though all i'm seeing right now is dwindling assets and plenty panadol!!!Neva mind me,humour gets me thru the stress.Howz urs coming along anyways?


  6. @miz-cynic: Dunno much about U.S schools,restricted my search@d time to the U.K==somewhat cheaper n faster track. I'm assuming u'r talking masters? School depens on pocket. Lower grade: Coventry,Essex,Metro Schools,etc, Middle Grade:Kent,Brunel,Cardiff,Aston,Bristol,etc.Top schools: City,LBS,Manchester,Bath,etc. Hit a google search for the course of interest e.g MBA+U.K postgraduate and your madness
    Some schools r particular on grade, some aren't.

    Need motivation,hit me up.

  7. I think you're on the right track except for the agency angle. I did mine myself and it was relatively painfree. No running away from the time and money investment though, pele.

    Pay as much of your fees as you can.
    If your account is regularly updated, do not frontload unless you can show where it is coming from, shares sold, cars sold, liquidated Deposits, etc. An option is to use a sponsor's account with enough funds in addition to yours. Then you'll need a letter from them and their bank plus the statement.

    Be very careful when filling the forms, what was your first degree? What are you going to study, any relationship, if not (for eg, studied philosophy, going for MBA) carefully explain and if possible get references from notable people.

    See if you can get a study leave from your office even if you may not be coming back, the embassy want more proof that you'll be returning.

    All the best sha. You already know it is not easy so no need to rub it in, pele.

  8. as per my e-mail!as sn as u holla me at this addy, u will get d original e-mail!

    besides,abeg try arrange ur skl runs dis yr unfailingly o bcs as dis yeye pple won do election,1 particular party wan chase all of us comot as sn as they enter or put stricter regulations in place.

    plenty pple go yarn diff things as per coming to the UK but I will advise u mk d 'Tier 4' ur bible 4 nw until u travel.U won't believe I would wake at 2am to read d 'Tier 4' even though I read it up to 11pm d night b4.weird right?

  9. @Myne: Wow,thanx a bunch!U’re a Treasure! I avnt signed up with the agency quite yet. Met with them (PFL)last weekend and had promised to get back to them once i make the additional fee payment. I’m planning to make at least ½ of the tuition and drop the rest in my a/c b4 applying for the visa. I figured agent cos i’m not familiar with all the changes they keep making to the tier4.

    I’ll keep in mind to state where the bulk money’s coming from cos i would really b frontloading. Though i’d use my salary a/c. I had my stockbroker M.D/Uncle write the school (during the application stages) stating that i’d be liquidating investments towards fees. I’d forgotten bout that;i’ll keep in mind to include such.

    B.Sc/M.Sc Relationship,Yes. Study leave, gosh i’d totally get that!It’d be easy to arrange from my office! Notable references won’t be hard to get.

    I’m actually jotting all these down in my black “school runz jotter”!Much appreciation! Plssss Drop by again; U're a Gem!

  10. @musco: LOLLLLL@waking 2a.m to read 'Tier 4'!!!I've been trying o, work's just been crazy, hence my opting for the agent. But yes sir, will do as instructed. I'd drop u a mail now. Don't kid me on the e-mail address o!

    @All:::IS A TAX CLEARANCE REALLY NEEDED?!!!PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME DIFFERENT STUFF. And Tax office asking for 15k for that. Any xs xpenditure right now, i could do without!Pls drop ur xpereriences ere;)

  11. @T.Notes- people will keep telling you different stuff until u make up your mind which 1 to believe. stick to whatever 'tier 4' says...!Don't mind all those agents, they just make money off shldn't be disturbing you. It depends on your school, all u need to save agent money is to have internet connection to get mails from the school and once in a while calls to the school direct.u need all d money u can save bcs smtn will keep coming up as per money till u board d plane.

    sir ke?i'm still a small boy o.i'm sure u fit born me self!
    waiting 4 d mail.just checked now sef

    sir ke?i'm a small boy o.i'm sure

  12. @musco: TRUE THAT OOOO!!!Costs just keep coming in, hence what prompted this initial mail==i had had it up to my neck on sunday as i was driving to church (thinking about school cost as i was driving oh!) then my car starts to make some strange noise!!!I was like Ooooh God, No No No!!!I cannot service a car right now!Can all the additional xpenses not just halt?!!!!

    I'm pretty much done with school correpondence. Its just the CAS thats outstanding and i told them to hang on till i make an additional payment to the tuition fee so they can include that. So yeah, internet connection totally came in handy==without any bullocks agent. Where they seem to be coming in now is as regards Student Visa guidance, which seems to be a bit different than the regular application?Or mayb i'm just over-hyping it???

    I've dropped the mail SIR!!!Lol, i'm the needy one ere so i'll Sir anybody who came drop useful direction!!!lol

  13. did i say i wan go u.s school?lol.abi u no read read my comment well? na u.k i wan go o.and this ur post has helped a lot, at least now i know i need a

  14. T-Notes, like Musco said, people will say many things. Read the Tier 4 and tick out all the things required. I don't think tax clearance is one of them, your pay slip usually shows evidence of paying tax, unless you have a private biz?

  15. @miz-cynic: u couldnt have chosen a beta name than cynic!xcpt mayb miz-sarcasm!So u discover from all this SERIOUS TALK that u need a jotter abi?!Ooo serious!U also need 3 large size manilla files FYI!Lol!!!

    @Myne: Yeah it actually says no such. Nahhh,don't run a private practice, at least not just yet. A few more such drastic moves like this one n i should be closer to that eutopia.
    Thanx again; i'll drop a note on developments. Thanx.

  16. woW a lot of rant...but then you shouldn't keep things bottled up otherwise...
    moving to the UKland...welcome i'll be glad to throw you a welcome party and then after the excitement throw you out into the real life of 'jand'
    never look at the the negative sides of anything...its better to have an open mind that dwells on the positive sides that way you take everything that happens to you as an experience you ought to learn from... heck that you have to live on a tight budget...heck that some so called 'white' people may act funny...heck that you have to leave you car behind and jump on the bus...or a bicycle...heck all the pride you may have built up...embrace a new chapter mister...a chapter that will include brokeness on another level,bitterly cold days,making new friends again....don't let them weigh you down
    You'll pull through and think back with unexplainable smiles
    there fun living anywhere,as long as you don't self pity