Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alert: T.Notes gone A.W.O.L!!!

M.I.A: Missing in Action, A.W.O.L: Absent without Leave, Les Miserables, Gone Capote!....
Ok, the title is a bit overdramatic. But point said, I'm most likely to go "underground" for a while. Will resurface in a week or two.
Gossssh,i'm already missing blogger n all these zany insane people!!!!

P.S: Look out for my new series when i return: "T.Notes heads to Tinsel Town". Y'all gotta join me on the trip! Ooh well as long as i know what i'm doing!

Mwuahhh to all my female readers n
"Chop Knuckle!" to the Studs!!!


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  2. 1 more blog round 1st though!!!

    Oh, and y'all should contribute nice mushy mushy comments to this post ==make me feel like a vera or neefemi or myne or afroking or afrobabe or harry or YNC or misslove or juanita or the professeur or L.B or NakedSha or flygirlibish or musco or roc naija or bookaholic or....i'm running outta time but you know i know you!

    Shoot countdown started already: 5More minutes Man; i'm shutting down!!!!

    The guy's hilarious!

  3. LOL, T.Notes, what is wrong now???

    Abeg, reconsider! :|

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  5. Hmmmm, Hope to read more of you when you get back..Do take care

  6. if na play stop am o!

    where do u expect me to get inspiration from?

  7. haaaaaaaaaa and where do u think u are going MISTER!? *i'm shoutin oh :-)
    why now!?!

  8. lol...u r a case...come back soon

  9. See you back soon. Have a nice weekend and take care of you.

  10. Lol...
    Ok, happy to miss you.
    Now how's that?

  11. Lol...eeya,thanx people!But hmmmm do keep em coming till we knack say,50 comments! lol. I've pretty much xplained in d next blogg. tianx a bunch.All of una too much!