Sunday, April 4, 2010

All isn't well in Bloggsville, is it?

This is my response.

I can smell beef from a mile away and I try to stay clear off it. But there is no beef in bloggsville is there?

I’ve paid my dues when it comes to blogging. I have my street credibility when it comes to writing and that’s fine by me. I’m not out to make points.

Talking about beef, I used to be active on a certain name withheld such “free-to-post” blogging site. Opinions there are liberal to a fault and in many cases tended to get politicized and personal. Even the moderators were biased and this wasn’t just my opinion. But this is the internet, in other words, a virtual world, thus apart from the few instances where you actually do get to meet in the flesh the people that you correspond with, then there really is no point taking any opinion that’s raised personal. As per the former blogging site, yeah a lot of us took things personal and there were thickly drawn lines of alliances. So thick that people were putting up personalized blogs to attack others, blocking and unblocking followers, and such. People packed up and left for good, then came back, then left again. In retrospect, the whole thing is sort of funny now that I think about it. My point, I got weary of it. I just didn’t see the point of dealing with real life issues then coming to do the same online with total strangers. Hence I also packed my things and left (left some pretty decent credible writing points behind…hmm,now that I talk about it, I do miss that place.)

Am I kicking up dust where there isn’t? Hopefully so, but then again, these are my pages, I believe I have some right to unvent here. I’ve done twitter, yes it’s got its advantages, but maybe it’s just me, but like many, I soon got tired of the whole battle for followership supremacy. I remember a certain instance, I made a comment about this one person and next thing she’s gone on a self imposed campaign asking people to unfollow my tweets. I’m thinking WTF (excuse me)!!!Are we back in kindergarten or what? Well maybe correctly a large number of users are teenage, because I did discover later that this person in question actually was, but abeg, I don old small, and frankly, I don’t have the time for child’s play! Haba!

I have my FB presence too, (which I give one-up to the blogger-you know your smart self-who earthed me out in less than a few weeks, and I unwittingly accepted the friend request without pausing to wonder “uhmmm,this face isn’t familiar.” But typical male weakness, the face was fine, so I accepted. Sue me!). Someone commented once that “Blogger’s saner than FB”. I agreed at that point. My turn on with blogger was the partial personality. i.e, I can afford to keep things impersonal to the level that I choose to. Hence there’s little room for beef, friction or mudslinging. But I’m wrong aren’t I?? The people who have been here long enough should kindly refute me because I’m doing some blog rounds late into the night and I’m seeing traces of that unfamiliar hostility/unnecessary ruffling of feathers. I did my best not to make any comment, it was hard but I moved on. Instead I put up THIS post without making mentions of names. I have a certain friend here (not Nigerian) who a while back put up such a post as this once. The background was that she’d posted something and some certain people had attacked her and taken things personal. I know that street all too well, but somehow, I hadn’t seen such amongst my fellow Naija bloggers, so I sort of thought, hmmm, this common nationality factor’s actually keeping things sane, matured and comfy here. Hmmm, I think I’ll like it here. But I’m wrong, aren’t I?

With the wearied sigh of a veteran soldier rolling up sleeves, here goes:

People are entitled to their own opinion. People are entitled to believe what they believe, that is why it’s a free world. It’s the differing of that train of thought that has predicated the mad hatters suicide bombers and terrorism cells gaining ground everywhere. People are entitled to be smart; people are also entitled to be stupid. If I for instance, choose to have the intelligence of a four year old whilst on blogger, then that’s my business. If you come flaunting your seeming intelligence near me, I swear I would pound a titanic deck of words on you so hard you’d be reeling trying to decipher WTF I’m talking about. If you don’t like what I’m saying, then easy, stay clear off my page. If you don’t like that I don’t believe in what you saying, then we have a right to agree to disagree. It’s a free world, aiye ole. Draw the lines of difference and stick to yours, I’ll stick to mine. Kick up all the primordial dust you want to kick up on yours, and let me maintain my sanity with calm waters on my side of the fence, but do not be deceived to take my silence / passivity as complacency or cowardice. I have been this road before; I still have the bitter taste of ill words spoken still strung on my tongue from such altercations, so I wisely choose not to go there again.

Welcome to my T.Notes…and I dare you to spit.


  1. i have noticed some things....but i never concern myself about stuff like that, was attacked so bad one day, i had to defend myself where i would never have otherwise said anything....i say,say your piece and move on....nothing is really that serious and you ought not to leave blogsville for my friend says anybody who doesn't like it can go and jump

  2. I am totally lost on this one. But make una calm the ruffled feathers OK? I'm off.

  3. ...I spit!

    abeg take am easy o.whether we like it or not, thr re times pple tend to misunderstand what we write or make comments that get u pissed bt if u ve bn on blogger 4 a while,u take such things with a pinch of salt. ...besides it's a virtual world afterall!

  4. Just got a chance to hop on your blogger page again, it's been a while but this blog of yours definitely caught my eye. Very well spoken T-Notes. I absolutely loved the entire wording of your last paragraph! Sounds like something I would say to some people in my life at the moment lol. About "beef on blogging" I am so worried about my latest post getting in the wrong hands and what they'd say to me if they confronted how I truly felt. But like you said, we're all entitled to be ourselves, and nothing can stop us.