Wednesday, April 28, 2010

*T.Notes (&hopefully neefemi) take on TinsleTown*

*T.Notes heads to Tinsel Town*

Scene 1: …Of Nina Ricci and Maple Syrup.
Food Café. Its mid-workday. Mayowa and a haughty looking Tessy sit back to back on separate tables.

Waiter: Can i take your order now?

Tessy's quiet, still busy looking thru the menu card.

Mayowa: (Without turning back)You should try their pancakes. They serve it steaming hot, it’s heavenly.
Tessy: (Mutters with a tinge of irritation) You should try minding your own business.
Mayowa:(Undeterred) Try it with some cool maple syrup-just a few dribbles along the sides-pure ecstasy. You won't know when you start moaning at every bite.
Tessy:(Dryly and abit ticked) You know, if you're looking for someone to hit on, I’m not your candidate.
Waiter: (Cuts in with a small smile) The pancake desert is actually one of our popular selections. (among a certain class)
She appears to ignore his suggestion and continues perusing through the menu.

Tessy :(With exasperation) Fine whatever. I'll try it-with the freshly squeezed juice.
Waiter: Perfect.
Tessy: I think you're rude.
Mayowa: Forgive me, it’s the Nina Ricci.
(Turns to face her, with a grin) The last time I got a whisp of that scent was two years ago, in a quaint shop on avenue montaigne. The retailer said to me, Nina Ricci is a regular among the haute of French facon. A woman who wears Maria Nina Ricci even in its imitation ought to be respected.
She's gobsmacked.
Mayowa: Your perfume, is Nina Ricci, isn't it?
Tessy: ...yes! And...i'll take that as a very flattering compliment. Thank you.
Mayowa: You're welcome (mademoiselle).

Waiter returns with her meal, drops the tray and leaves. She stirs the juice slowly with a straw for a while.

Tessy: So were you really in Paris, or do you just have a tongue that’s made of maple syrup?
He moves with his glass to join her table.Mayowa: May I?
Tessy: Go ahead.
He sits, picks the tube of maple and squirts it slowly on the pancakes.
Mayowa: Both actually. I was part of a theater exchange program organised by the theatre National in paris.
(Motions at the pancake)Try that now.
She does, taking her time to obviously relish the taste.Mayowa: Heavenly uh?
Tessy: I see you know your batter.
Mayowa: Nahh,i’m just a guy who’s game for experimenting. I've been told that only one other sort of experience matches this cafe's pancakes. That should answer your second supposition (about the maple).
Tessy:(eyes him)Its either I keep pretending that i can't read in between all your innuendos, or I’ll have to ask you to leave.
Mayowa:(Leans back with a coy smile) I love a woman who can handle a man's tackling.
Tessy: How often do you walk up to a total stranger and attempt to seduce her?
Mayowa: See, you read me wrong. I have no cruel intentions at all. I just enjoy a smart conversation with a pretty woman, that’s all.
Though with what your perfume is doing to my mind, i'd admitt that the naughtier intentions are beginning to flirt with my mind.


Mayowa: (Stands) Hence I should leave now.
Tessy: Whyyy, i was anticipating tales from the romance capital of the world.

Bukky enters the mall, Mayowa spots and motions at her.Mayowa: (Courtesious smile) There's my date, i enjoyed our brief chat.

He stands, joins Bukky by a further table and welcomes her with a kiss The two sit. Tessy watches till camera leaves her.
Bukky: If I wasn't aware that as usual, you're still up to no good, that cheap stunt would have earned you a slap.
Mayowa: Which is why-as always, you're favourite cousin. I know you won’t let me down.
Tessy: Though i hate to ask, but what's the story? Hard to get?
Mayowa: A bit of a tough one, but i’m certain i pretty much have it in the bag. She is smart though. Beauty and Brains, it’s been a while.

Tessy, who has now finished her meal, gets up to leave. On her way,she walks past the two's and drops a hankerchief close to Mayowa on the table. She doesn't look back and walks out.

Mayowa slids open the handkerchief with a triumphant expression and shows off the scribbled telephone number.
Mayowa: And she's classy too- the good ole fashioned phone number on handkerchief.
Bukky: (Getting up) You're hopeless. Can we leave now?
Mayowa: (Following after her) You know i simply am the master of this game! I truly should be christened Lord...or crowned Knight...., or pristined pope....
Tn:(grabs the handkerchief from him and sniffs) Nina ricci. I was right; tomorrow’s lunch is on you.

to be continued....


  1. *READ ME*

    Hi People!!!
    This is an open to me toying around with a screenplay. It's intended to be a "Neefemi(!!!!) n T.Notes combined effort". Well, since everybody on blogger's doing killer collabo writings, i figure i'd snagg one of the finest to work with me!*evil grin*
    I've purposefully put her on the line here, so here goes...!

    I envision a work that's trendy, steamy, no holds barred n...sigh, def gotta have a moral so my brothers in church don't completely n finally ostracise me saying: "ALL RIGHT, THAT'S IT, THIS BOGGER HAS SAID ENOUGH NOW!!!"Lol!!!

    Read this space n neefemi's i guess...put up plausible critique n yeah, lets put up as sensible contribution to NOLLYWOOD (to start with.)

    Oh, ofcos, this will be subject to plenty changes as we go along.


  2. Really Nice.Love your collabo! You're so talented with script writing,I swear..

  3. *rubbing my hands* I look forward to this, it's already started off fast and steamy, hehehhe...Neefemi I know you're up to the challange, abeg do us proud.

  4. Wait, let's get this straight.

    You too wrote these?

    You both are amazing. I'm really looking forward to the rest.

  5. hahahah o no you didn't ? seriously you did not just call me out like that? you get smoked o.... will do Myne, thank you and no Nakedsha, this was just him, i'm up next...and you made a mistake "Tessy: Though i hate to ask, but what's the story? Hard to get?" meant to be bukky (my name btw)& who is Tn(the last line) ....loved it i'm inspired and will get back to you ASAP

  6. :-) lesson learned: be weary of the stranger who says nice nothings to you in a cafe...even if you grabbing take away coffee...

  7. @2cute: lol, i know!!!Ok i swear,i'm seriously finding a drug for my lack of modesty! Thanx thanx!

    @Myne: Hmm,u're taking sides already abi?Ok,lets see if neefemi'll truly do u proud. We'll give her 3shots, then u'll come over to my side!!!

    @NakedSha: Hullo!!!Ok i admitt that i do not doubt neefemi's capabilities. Girl can talk; Girl can write==The more reason why we should be able to combine something that makes sense.

    @NEEFEMI: YES I JUST DID!So watcha gonna do?!!Lol. Will hit u a mail n await ur scene.
    Yup,correction accepted Tn is still Bukky.
    I usually scribble initial writtings on my phone Ist, hence miss out some typos when i transfer to pc.

  8. collabo. i trust neefemi to tis task. aint takn sides o. wil b watching out.

  9. Good back to read more*

  10. Too nice...the perfume compliments, the pancake suggestion, maple syrup...yu a damn fine writer dude! And i'm waiting for that neefemi collabo. Do all the collabo u want ...cos i'm sure some fine entertainment's coming sooon! X