Friday, May 7, 2010

Brutally Honest...Ladies do excuse me.

Its a jungle in my mind.
P.S: I've tried to tone down sexual content. I find that I've been knowingly ignoring certain friend request for my blog page, because i'm not ready just yet to be politically correct with my freedom to expression . So for those who do know, indulge me one more time, and "Let me speak Let me Speak, as Kirk Franklin Said.

Most men just don't care.
Some do.

The inert creed of a man in his raw form is:
If she does so much as give the impression that she "wants it",
Go for the kill, damn the consequences.
In the moment of the chase, we lie, we fake, we put our best foot forward,
The target is all we're seeing.
And the target is flesh.

Money becomes a non-issue.
Yes It sounds brutally crude, but the truth is,
atimes free money is all it takes to close the deal.
Atimes that's sad, atimes (yes) its convenient.
You don't say much, only count the bills and pick a date.
Atimes its that simple, that easy...
Then I find it hard to tell the difference anymore between the street prostitute and the girl next door.

Sometimes i scare myself.
Because despite my best efforts,
the man in me snakes out -
with a shiny wink, uncommon wit and toothy grin,
and some undiscerning brood returns a shy smile.
*Stupid Stupid Stupid*
Creed: If she returns a smile, she's interested.

E.g, I did my best to keep my trap shut,
instead i mouth whilst feigning disinterest "How long have you worked in the building?"
"Not too long."
She should have ignored me.
Creed: Once you establish first conversation, the rest is pure techniques.

E.g, 9pm She'd changed into something more casual, more clingy, then she dropped by.
"Are you leaving soon?" (She was asking for a ride)
I cough, "Uhmm, No, i'll be busy for a while".
"Maybe next time"
*Stupid Stupid Stupid*
That's your trump card; it means Run whilst i tentatively have the fortitude to look the other way (away from the high skirt).
Creed: If she's in your car 9pm on a friday, then you're not heading straight home.

Sometimes we hate ourselves,
because give a man the tiniest glimpse of "you".
and he looses all sensibilities.
He'd forget God, Forget her smile, Forget 9 year old Carrey...
Creed: He'll remember after "5minutes", if he lasts that long.

Him and her, our intentions are varied,
as far as the frigging north pole is to the south.
To have and to hold, you seek.
But for only five minutes is all he needs.

Its beautific when you slowly stir your hot cuppachino like that,
but if you stir too hard, the thing'll soon spill (on you).

So if you see me-him walking down the street,
Just Let us walk on by...walk on by...

Sigh. Let no man deceive you otherwise,
despite our best efforts,
none has it figured out.
It's a long wearying unending battle being the so called, "better man."
Creed: That's why i still find it hard to let go of my kid sister, because we know all we're worth, us men.

End: Now you understand why i'm not going to be in the frigging cold for two whole years if you're not there with me...
Creed: All it starts with is a kiss, a simple kiss. Then the rest is downhill.

P.S, I dare say we've done good so far. But "only so far", is where all these jungled thoughts are streaming from...where my daily fear lies.

But...He is faithful to keep keeping, right???


  1. I totally relate with this piece!

    do i need to say more ...?

  2. This is so well written.

    But everyone and 100% of the time? Seriously?

  3. @neefemi- scary? ... dt's exactly how it is bt d basic gist is ... it's difficult 4 most of us to admit!

    @T.Notes- I need to come for lessons!

  4. Ooooh its not my intention to put a dampner on anybody's parade!!!I guess mayyyybe this was better left unspoken/unsaid....Even though its true. Men, we know ourselves.

    *Hence the freaky green-eyed guy whilst all she's thinking is preppy makeup, cuppycakes n daisies*

    But@ nakedsha, maybe 90% of us and 70% of the time. Hence, there is hope.

    @musco: pls say more...well if u like.

    @neefemi: Oooh, if every female doesn't stop being sad, i'll jack off this blog!

  5. hahahha!!! thanks for the info. now my mind would pull up this blog post everytime i see a guy ACROSS the street...that's if, he can resist getting over at my side. hahah!!

  6. *Thank you my man,musco*

    @all: Note:
    "Sometimes i scare myself.
    Because despite my best efforts...
    It's (still) a long wearying unending battle being the so called, "better man."

    My point isn't necessarily that we're all animalistic. A good number of us do sincerely try. Its just that in truth...somehow...

  7. @T.Notes- 'Its just that in truth..' we can't just refuse to be men evn we try to hide it!

    I'm so into this post!

  8. now i understand why you're not going to be in the frigging cold for two whole years...

  9. I like, very insightful and erm totally true?

  10. hey how u doing ,been a while ,just checking you out,cheers

  11. T.Notes, Arh! Arh! Arh! You are so on point. It's tough. It's indeed a battle. It's not easy but His grace is sufficient :)

    - LDP

  12. I thought I saw a post by Neefemi? This one, honest but like you said, some try to be a better man.

  13. OMG.... Im totalli relatin 2 dis piece..
    Realli insightful...

  14. Hullo People!!!Ok, that definitely was a bit of troubling post!Lol,that's what happens when i allow myself to be blogging late into the night==revealing too much information;-)

    @musco: u2 funny!I think now we can "come out of the post" n retrn to being the "perfect gentlemen" that we are! God helps us. Ko easy!

    @lara: Hp u'r not making fun of the "cold turkey situation"!!lol!

    @juanita: ok, i reframe my position. Its not totally true! Considering comments, i think thats easier to handle?!Thanx4 dropping by. Checkn urs out!

    @gigi: hey uuuuuu!Was at urs. U'v been a while urself. Holler!

    @The professuer: Yup, it all comes back to graceful grace. What can we say??

    @HARRY: Happy Belated Birthday ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

    @MyNe: Yeeeah, i pulled off that post. Fast one noticing that!lol! We spoke n she wanted some adjustments done. God help me with work n i'll put it back up edited accordingly.

    @Aiesha: Thanx! How u been. U keep disappearing on me!

  15. This is by far the best piece you've written that I've read.
    I've not come across any male blogger capture it so succinctly like you have and I'd say it was quite and interesting read that I didn't want it end.You mixed a blend of screenplay,poetry and prose and you produced this beautiful piece.. I just had to drop by and read this.. I'm only sad it took me this long..
    I'm no ass kisser so this is the true as it is..
    Thanks for the check up...
    And hey..
    I'm on my mark already!!!!
    In all, saying Hi.

  16. @way2Cute:Ok,that's alot of positive commentary!Hmmm,well thank you!
    And d checkup's no biggie...absolutely anytime. What i do want's for u2 stay on ur feet 100% of d time.Capish?!lol.
    Thanx4 dropping by,n i notice u've updated ur page...glad2 av u back!Will b around urs.
    Cheers n "Hi" right back@cha!