Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ROTFWL...Restless T.Notes!!!

Honestly i truly truly have pledged my allegiance to blogger,moreso blogsville naija...but ehmmm,sometimes the restless bit of me stirs atimes so i take a wee trip down memorylane just to see whats going on in former blogsvilla.I know i know,i just have a knack for being addicted to intelligent conflict!So just for your laughs and my busybodiness,here's a little gossip from the blogsworld T.notes formerly used to call home-name withheld jare!

Re-tweet/Re-blog post by "kevinunknown" posted 15hours ago

Right I am having a rant about the quality and content of some of the blogs on this site. Firstly the spammers who would seem to have got smart and started using popular tags such as “life”. As we all know this is a massive problem, I found the contact details for one of the companies that are spamming us the most and was going to email them then thought better of it, they would probably just spam my inbox craxzy!!!

Next problem here are all the alts (T.notes defines "alts" as "alternate ego.i.e people who pretend to be 2-3 different bloggers and cause wahala all over the place), now they don’t even bother trying to cover it up and post on their own blogs posing as a like minded individual’s. Most of what they post is just utter rubbish that gets to the top of the feature page purely because they have spent a hour of their day posting on their own shit blogs just to annoy the rest of us, really how pathetically boring is your life that you do that. At least the spammers get paid to annoy us, you lot are doing it because you are so bored with your own life and because no one else finds you interesting. Remember hotips4u (T.notes defines hotips4u as my arch enemy on former blogsvilla!), well am going to put it out there I think he/she was travelling2 or whatever his/her name was and just posted all that shit to get attention.

It’s very rare now that there is not an offensive blog on the feature page, you know the type of blog all balanced minds find offensive. Here’s what I mean blogs entitled “All Muslims Suck”, ok your perfectly entitled to you opinion, as are your alternate psychologically imbalanced persona’s but keep it to yourself we don’t like your xenophobic views, they are disgusting. Then there’s the homophobia and I mean comments like “All homo’s should be beheaded” no they shouldn’t but you should consider doing society a favour and beheading yourself.

Some deluded individual has made a alt pretending to be me; he’s called kevinknown (T.notes inserts lol!Get the pun?). Now i really am flattered that you find my writing so interesting that you have attempted to embody me, it’s really quite sweet. But you’re not me and nor are your views remotely similar to mine, they are just offensive ignorant drivel. Why do these people vandalise blogs? I have had at least two blogs with over 60 posts that just say “Sexually explicit”;I can honestly say i have never found anything about socialism sexually explicit.

We also have allot of bloggers who feel a need to share with us their sex life’s, ok fair enough on this blog site you can talk about whatever you want. But why do they think we want to know what BDSM (T.notes inserts Ahem here!Google that one yourself o!)humiliation their “Daddy” likes to subject them to or the strange thoughts they have towards their sister. Let’s face it,we all know these bloggers are either frustrated 14 year old boys or perverted 46 year old men looking for 14 year old boys. Once again would these sick people please go with the alts, spammers, racists, homophobes and the rest of the scum plaguing our site and FUCK OFF


  1. Well if anybody gets any of the rants therein...oh well,back to work!

    N *wicked grin*,i've been thinking,i really ought to start writing more positive posts. Matters on Faith,Life,Purpose,you know, act my age and show that i long since grew the wisdom tooth grown!Hmmm,T.Notes-to-self,right after next shrink appointment.

    More seriously,xcEpt when i'm reeeeeally down,i find that i blog to ease tension and unbundle the creative juices. So bear with my seeming unseriousness on blogger. Those whom i have communicated with off blogsville will attest that, "Oh T.Notes,nahh,he's a pretty much straight dependable sort of guy!" Right poeple-pimples?!!!


  2. lol, RIGHT!!!! can you sense the sarcasm? lol - thankfully we don't have that here, at least i think 0_0

  3. That sounds like one funny site, abeg share the name, lol. I used to belong to Nigeria village square but it wasn't that crazy though things got messy at times, lol

  4. Lool! This dude...

    I have no words for you..LOL

  5. to come here don they fear me o!

    I hope we are all safe in this our 'jejeli' quiet community?!

  6. That's wayyy too much drama for me. Here I'm thinking that no drama exists in blogville. (lol)

  7. too much crazy people via blogville, just ignore those crazy blogs, some people just like drama.

    Hope life is treating you good, thanks for always stopping by, appreciate it

  8. Interesting notes.


  9. I have died. like seriously. ROTFLMAO. Being a fairly "new" blogger, im not familiar with the sort of communities u are referring to. But i'm sure i'd be totally annoyed if i saw a "behead all gay people post"