Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scandal II: Blogger in my sheets-Finito!!!!

With one open palm raised chest high, i solemnly declare before you read the foregoing that i, T.Notes am entirely up to no good with this entry.And before you go ahead to castigate,do note that if you weren't busybodying yourself, being fully aware of the content of this mail since you had read the former, you wouldn't have opened this blog. Moreso,if having now been warned yet you are still reading and itching...*Wink*Wink* Who's the busyBody uh?!

Call it whateva u wish tho, i'm a man of my word and i will let the ugly worms out of the can as promised (at the count of 15 "Name them"). Hey, wasn't my fault the guy had a leaking mouth. If it was meant to be private business, he shouldn't have spilled in the first place. Hence, i am justified!

If you're clueless as to what i am ranting about, see former blog here.

So i've been warned that i'd be lynched off blogger if i cross certain airs on this esteemed forum of ours. They no fit! My response: Worst case, i'll return back to my notorious homebase: soulcast.com. All soulcasters, say Aiiii!!!lol!Meen i miss those zany bloggers. Soulcast just got way too controversial/heated/naughty A LOT OF TIMES!Soulcasters need Jesus. Lol!!!

As per the lynching, i don't like being threatened, hence this is my conclusion;-)

@Annonymous: I will certainly appease your curiousity in a little while!In d new found vocab of our Naija politicians, there shall be no sacred cows!Lol!

@LDP: Lol@nkan be!!!You still carry those localized cheap NTA shows to obodo oyinbo eh?!lol!I feel you jare!

@neefemi: I already inboxed u the names!I could imagine your shock yay?

@musco my man: Lol!Controversy is needed once in a while jo. Blogger's getting too cozy and all: "yes please, thank you very much, ooh how nice of you"!Blogger needs spice n rattling up--my opinion!!

@sososexy: Don't be too sure i ain't only 10years old!Besides, i already listed you as suspect No1!The cards add up--you're just as naughty,prolly just as steamy, uhmm, and all the other points in your 10things lists!

@Myne: Watch ya self o!!!!You're being way too smart for your own good!Let me tell my own story!

@YNC: Hmmm, in a little while now...

@2cute: Hi Hi good friend! I trust that when the lynching starts, you'll at least take my side? However my amebo does have part2-as you can see!

@aeedeee: a healthy dose coming right up jare!Chop knuckle.

Taking a breather: Meeeeeen replyn comments is hard work o!!!!

@F: Hmmm, u think??Tell me more.

@Ms O: Drop ur e-mail address here.

@blogoratti & lara: U guys fall my hand! Whatever happened to principles of morality, shouting for what is right even if you're the only one doing the screaming and....all that..

@younique: The fingers are talking talking talking!!!My mouth didnt say nothing in all this!

All said and done, click here to be directed to the page of the aforementioned bloggers.I did a little snooping and also found out the guy's blogger persona.
The onus now lies on you guys--tell them whateva u wish on their page. Me, i have washed my hands clean!

So says, T.Notes!

On a lighter note: Talking about containing the raging tempest involved in "waiting" for sex before marriage, (or even staying monogamous within marriage), people often ask why i got married at 18. I look at them most incredulously before answering matter of factly, "Duh, because it wasn't legal at 17!"
*It took me a few seconds to get it too.*


  1. lmao, u r just a fool, i tell you - omygoodness, what will i do with you

  2. OMG!!

    No comments here...

    BTW..did u see my friend req on facebook?

  3. You are crazy T.Notes... hahaha. U just deceived everybody like that?! ehn! lol. Thank God me I am not part of them o. ahaha
    I know what you got married at 18! U give person belle. lol

    - LDP

  4. If I dare catch you, you go see something! Imagine the imagineable! I don already set ears to know who don do! Not fair oh.. You sure say liver no cut you naim make you no talk am again?
    Happy New Month Dude!

  5. @Harry: Uhmmmm yeah i did see ur friend request n been resisting clicking accept!!!Whyyyyy are you doing this to me; i wanted some nice comfy anonymity on blogger!NakedSha started this FB revealing business!!!Deal: Whateva happens in blogger stays in blogger? Accept first.

    @LDP: They don't call u the professeur for no reason!lol!@Getting married at 18, nope, i consecrated myself to priesthood at an early age!*wink*wink*

    @CutiePie:Emi,liver cut?LAI LAI!!!!Dare me n i'll start sniffing around ur area4 Expose No2!lol!Who's the ameabo eh?!!!
    Happy New Month you too!!! Trust all's well@ur end?

  6. @T.Notes- It is obvious u re suffering what I just invented in my mind right now ...'pre mid-life crisis'!

  7. Wart The F****** ?!? I really shlda heeded ur warning .."that I, T.Notes am entirely up to no good with this entry!"... no good no good LOL

  8. Don't mind dem jare. Dem too dey like gossip for dis blogville.