Friday, June 11, 2010

South Africa Waka Waka!

This time for Africa!!!

If you haven't somehow caught the south africa soccer fever...awwww come on, under what rock doth thou reside!!!!I'm not much of a soccer enthusiast,and even i can do the DISKI DANCE!!!Lol!!!

There seems,admittedly to be this underlying "bad belly" amongst us Naija-rians,that oh well, FIFA didn't give us the ticket to host,so lets just enjoy the soccer. But i think,if we are to be honest, we couldn't do quite half a job as they've done with the PR for the event. See how that "Waving Flag" Song has caught like a virus!!!How many versions have you heard??!!!And i just saw Shakira and Fresh Ground's "Waka Waka". I think it was awesome-gets you definetly in the mood!Well,i'm a biased Fresh Ground fan though!

I've been to a number of African countries, and ehmmm,i just think south africa beats em all!What other country would do a CNN feature on "Juju People" making charms for footballers and you'd think "awwww that's so cute"!!!lol!They've got great people, beautiful girls (ehmm,cough!),and such an amazing culture. From a theater perspective, i've been long biased towards their cultural depictions on stage, even over ours. I think its the way they manage to properly "brand" everything!

Ehmm,cough again. I'm off work today, being the opening day of the ceremony!WAIIIIIT oooo,i truly am sick!Was at the hospital yesterday and i'm right now drugged out with camoquine. So i've called in sick, and right now, quite comfy with toast bread,honey and cable t.v!Life is good!!!Ohhh shit,Boss, you're not reading my blog are you?!Never mind, Boss is also off work today!I suspect him too.Seriously tho, i av worked overtime in the past months,hence i need a break jare!

In conclusion,
I THINK SA rocks.
I THINK whatever company handled the PR package for this event should be working for mE.
I KNOW that once the first game is played, T.notes will completely forget he EVER wrote this blog.

But,take a mo peoples-pimples and lets hear it for SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Signing Off,
A Proudly South African T.Notes!


  1. I'm so pumped! I love everything about this particular world cup. I am too excited. lol

    - LDP

  2. ahn ahn, sick? hehe- Benn there done that!
    I'm off school as well, for TANGIBLE reasons.
    But can't wait!!!!

  3. lol, i missed the opening ceremony today cos i didn't think to come to work late - so mad...anyhoo i am so pumped, excited and totally watching the game at friend argues that its cos SA was under the whites for so long, that they have a great city and that everything looks so good - i disagree and even if i didn't i don't care, im happy for them, proud to be African and loving it - whoop whoop!!!! Long live Mandela, lol

  4. @LDP: Chop knuckle jare!!!

    @Juanita: FYI,I truly truly am sick!U're spsd to be sending me "eeya, sorry, pele Dear...n all that!"Jeez, what does it take to get some affection on Blogger!

    @Neeeeeeefemi:I only watched bits of d ceremony too,been looking forward2 it. Scanning t.v for repeats. Bout d whitey influence,when one considers Rwanda,Somalia,n d rest,i do kinda agree with your friend.Kinda.
    Sad about Mandela's great grand daughter tho.
    Still, AFRICA WAKA WAKA!!Whateva that means!

  5. I have sinned;
    I am so sorry I've been awol from here..
    Can you ever forgive me?
    You sure say you sick at all?
    Cause with the camoquine, you're supposed be out..
    I go still continue to beef the world cup, shows how 'patriotic' I am oh *wink* curse me remain lol.
    Watch oh and become our blogsville commentator.. Cause me? No time..
    Yeah, hope you be getting back to work soonest..
    Kissess!..Light ones before the heat becomes too much for you to handle, lol

  6. South African? Abeg lets hear it for the Super Eagles for tomorrow! LOL...

  7. The world cup looks like fun... trynna get into the hype.. it aint working for me

  8. @2Cute:Awwww why do you have2 go and spoil a good kiss by suggesting feather light type!!!Girl you be falling my hand!!What ever happened to total TLC for the sick man?!
    N yeah,you defintely have been awol around here,totally unacceptable!!!

    @Myne: Hmm,i'd advice you not to keep candle vigil for the super chickens!!!lol!They;ve shown time after time to only dissapoint our high expectations!

    @Harry Mr Talkaholic video: How will you be feeling worldcup when you're spending your times sandwiched between two beautiful women!Na wa for you!lol!Take it all the way to the top man!