Monday, June 7, 2010

T.Note Guide to Good Theater...

T.Note Guide to Good Theater...

Taking Flight...Showing at The Nuroyican, NY City

First there was Mary and Rhoda, then Thelma and Louise, and now Adriana and Rhonda, two lovable and unforgettable friends. One, searching for the goddess and her shamanic roots, the other, planning her epic “Godfather meets the Mists of Avalon” wedding, until 9/11 changes everything. In this award winning play, Sevan “joins the ranks of the best,” as she takes you on a deeply moving, hilarious, and courageous journey into the depth of friendship, the challenge of care-giving, and the resilience of the human spirit. Originally developed at the Sundance Theatre Lab, South Coast Repertory, and produced by Center Theatre Group at the Kirk Douglas Theatre, San Diego Rep, and the Goodman Theatre, this “enthralling play is an example of how good a one person show can be.” Laugh, cry, and cheer Adriana as she discovers why the heart is the strongest muscle we have in our bodies and experience why Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, Nilo Cruz, named TAKING FLIGHT, “a magnificent piece for the theatre…an allegory of our time.”

* Jul 8>7:00PM
* Jul 9>7:00PM
* Jul 14>7:00PM
* Jul 15>7:00PM
* Jul 16>7:00PM

Admission: $15/$10 advance


  1. I am such a fan of the Nuyorican. The History of that joint is awesome and their poetry slams are awesome. Book em wheneva u're in the area!

  2. will see if its in Houston soon, sounds good

  3. @T.Notes- u don set up shop 4 US again?!

  4. @Neefemi: Comes with my recommendation. My former producer is in that area.

    @Musco: Lmao!We're going to jam heads in this blogger very soon!Heads up Man! Trust u a-ok?

    @Myne: I'm not aware Nuyorican shows do tours tho.