Monday, July 26, 2010

How to serve a woman a dose of literal thrill.

This one’s for all of my blogger peeps who are going thru some rough patches right now. You know yourselves. Much Love from T.Notes! See,I’m really a nice guy when you get to know me.
I dedicate to ya’ll my old time fav song by The Corrs: Though u stumble on tomorrow and trip over today, everything’s gonna turn out just fine. We’ll do fine! (Just you wait). And an especially dedicated shoutout n prayer to my homegirl,nifty neefemi and trusty YankeeNaija whom i'm praying hasn't given up on me entirely!

So, as for me, when my days are in such a mess, I roll up my sleeves, squelch up my eyebrows and do some intense thrill writing, such as this! Enjoy.

Midday Saturday.
House 43,Osborne Foreshore close.
Jagun, clad only in denim boxer shorts, is outside sweating away trimming off rough garden edges. He notices up ahead a 2005 toyota matrix lumbering haphazardly down the street towards him. He recognizes the car, drops the garden shears and moves close to intercept the incomer. The car parks with a sharp jam of brakes and his now delirious wife spills out from the driver’s sit. He observes with horrified expression the badly cracked windshield with thick blood splattered across the stained glass.

Jagun: (Mutters as he nears her) What-the-fuck?!
He rushes to catch her fall out of the car. She appears badly shaken up and near hysteric.
Jagun: (With urgent concern,looking her over) Baby…are you ok?
Temi: Yes…yes…I think so. But he isn’t….(breaks into tears) he isn’t ok at all Jagun, he isn’t! We need to leave; we need to get out of here before they get to us.
Jagun(Confused) : Who’s they?
Temi: They’re coming after me. With matchet and rubber tyres and petrol. Where’s Semilore; we need to get her and leave now.
She disentangles herself from his grip and hurried chaotically into the house. Jagun takes one last shocked look at the damaged car then hurried in after her.
Jagun (with take-charge demeanor) Baby, I need to know what happened! Was it an accident, if then, we need to contact the police immediately.
Temi: (Walks about the room without clear direction) Yes…No…Yes… No, it wasn’t an accident. I saw him up ahead and I hit full throttle. I didn’t stop until I was staring at his jacked up skull from the other side of my windscreen.
Jagun stifles an apparent gasp.
Temi: …Then he got thrown over the hood of the car, landed some meters behind me.
Jagun: (Weakly) But it was an accident, wasn’t it?
Temi: No. I reversed, had to ensure. So I ran over him a few times till I was sure, then I speed off. And then the mob picked chase. They’re coming after me baby, we need to leave now.
She hurries into the room calling out for her two year old daughter.
Jagun: (Follows after her) She’s sleeping, don’t wake her up.
He finally catches up with her and reins her in with a firm grasp.
Jagun: You seriously need to calm down so we can sort this out rationally!
Temi: (Looking about madly) Yes yes. I’ll need some anti-depresants. Do we have any-lexotan, valium?
Jagun: (Firmly)No! You can’t any of those right now; I need you to stay wide awake and alert.
Temi: Ok ok, that’s true. Then fuck me baby. You know how you do me good-standing up from the rear. A quick one-we still have some five minutes to spare.
She pulls in close,arching towards him.
There’s an urgent bang on the front door, causing the two to jerk towards the sounds. Temi, with wide eyes.
Jagun releases her with exasperation, then rushes into the room and return just as soon wielding a shotgun and a smaller pistol. He corks the shotgun and marches to the window.


  1. Oh wow...I hate bloory cliffhangers! *cries* Intense, loved it!

  2. U no serious jo!

    I gave a very good reason to sue you for not finishing this story ...

    When is part 2 entering blogsville market?

  3. Kai, see wetin ur suspense don cause now ...

    I don mis-type!

  4. if you really are a nice guy you won't leave us with this much suspense
    waiting for part 2..

  5. My heart is racing! OMG. T-Notes come back here!

  6. Finish this story! Why u acting like this?!! lol

  7. I'll seriously kick your ass. How dare you? Dude seriously!

  8. Wow T-Notes..This is wonderful...More please?

  9. You are a mad man o, u know? how do u think like this for one and secondly when are you going to continue, don't let me kill you o.

    Thanks a lot dear, i really appreciate you

  10. I like! I want more!!! But this is really good, though.

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