Thursday, July 29, 2010

How to serve a woman a dose of literal thrill (2)...whatever.

I really can barely concentrate…
My mind’s a whirlpool…
My stomach’s all up in knots…
I’m behind on my work deliverables…
But all that just don’t matter for now. Maybe I’m selfish, maybe I just suck at dealing with stress…
Maybe I’ll digress, write again to ease my soul….

P.S, 1st Part Here.

The urgent strike on the front door is repeated with more urgent intensity. Jagun slams his weight against the wooden doors and rams the bolts into place.

Jagun: (Mutters) Fuck.
Voice on other side of the door: Open this door, I’m your darn Calvary!
Jagun: (With matching authority) Who are you?
Officer: Sergeant Samkoro. I saw the whole thing. The mob will be here in less than ten minutes. I'ts not going to be a pretty sight.
Jagun: (Mutters) Who can you fucking trust in the Nigerian Police force?
He starts to open the door, but Temi rushes to him-she’s now frantic, and stops him. He eases her away, opens the door slowly to allow the mouth of the shotgun tip first at the newcomer. The officer in turn jerks the weapon aside, rushes in and slams the door shut, bolting it back into place.

Office (with urgency): You’re all dead meat. Do you have a back exit and does any street cut out of this close?
Jagun: No. It’s a dead end here. The only way out is through the front door, down the same main road. Can you tell me what is going on here!
Officer: (Motions briefly at Temi who’s now crouched in a corner by the wall whimpering) Your wife here is a mad woman. But that is besides the point. There must be over a hundred bikes racing down here as we speak, and a truck carrying the carcass of the body she dismembered. There’s also rubber tyres and petrol; it’s going to be jungle justice.
Jagun: Not if I have anything to say about it. You got a weapon?
Officer (hoisting out a small worn out pistol): You want to shoot your way through a hundred area boys and agberos?
Jagun: (Moving about the small house sealing all windows) I’ll shoot through a thousand of them to keep my family alive.
Officer: (Following after Jagun) What in heaven have I gotten myself into now? Listen, the best we can do right now is negotiate our way into a police station. My Quarters is on the next street. We’ll get her police protection whilst we work the mess into a court of law. It’ll stall time.
Jagun: Safe that talk for another time. Here’s my plan. My wife and my five year old kid, we’re getting them to my office in Parkview tonight-we’ve got immigration papers there. They’re boarding the next available flight to Britain.
Officer: (Urgently) Are you not listening to me?! There’s no way we can get past those thugs heading here. Can you hear the bikes now?
Jagun: I’ll kill the whole lot if I have to.
(Turns briefly to Temi) Baby, listen to me. Go stay with Semi in her room. When I call for you, you both come out. Till then, stay put!
Temi nods weakly and rushes into the room. Simultaneously, the sound of the entrance gate being pounded into reverberates through the house.
Officer: (Laughing) Are you certain where you’re headed to when you die? Now might be the time to redeem your soul.
Jagun: (Adjoining laugh) Not tonight cowboy, not tonight.

A large stone hurls through a glass and lands smack in the middle of the living room. Jagun crouches underneath the shattered window, positions his weapon, then leaps up and in a brief moment, fires a shot. A six foot broad shouldered man on the other side is thrown down with certain force. There’s a brief quiet on the outside, then the roar immediately intensifies with carnal angst.

Man: E sa na si!!!!(Light it up!!!)


  1. Hmmmm Jagun is not so smart o... looking forward to the rest of this

  2. Is this what happens when you can barely concentrate?
    Dare we pray that the situation should persist?

    Nice one. Waiting for part three.

  3. Hmmmm, This isn't going to end well T-Notes! And I get to read it today of all days?! My birthday!

  4. First, Happy Birthday 2cute4u.
    Second, seriously trying to figure out how Jagun's going to pull this off. Wow. No back way out, only exit is thru the front door, 100 area boys and the like. Alright TN, can't wait for the next install.

  5. Cliff hanger! They will be burnt up o, hmmm

  6. @ALL: LOL!!!!I clearly was not even thinking of an exit route for even myself when i plunged into this!!!Its gonna need some brainer to continue it o! Tho i always like to believe in challenging myself. i.e, push even u the writer to an impossible corner n see how u can realistically write ur way out of it without getting incredulous!Dunno,like to define that as skill. But i must say-at least for now o, that this one pass my power. I was really just fooling around and CLEARLY didnt have a plot!lol!!!