Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Randoms...me n my nerves.

Taco: Taco?
Jane: Fuck you.
Taco: Try it with some lettuce and tomatoes; it helps calms frayed nerves.
Jane (mutters): Stuff it up your ass.
Taco: Stuffing something up your ass, I would consider- if we persist like this much longer. I swear all of your spunk is turning me on one fifty degrees down there.
He moves close to trail a lecherous finger across her face.
Taco: What would you look like on all fours? Me slapping your hot behind, you screaming out my name, begging me to stop.
He leans close, his breath spewing into her face.
Taco: I can go at it all night till I’m sure you’re carrying my fertile seed. And I know your dumb faith will not make you see the sense in aborting it. What do you think, a love-to-hate keep sake replacement from the scumbag who fucked up your life.
She’s quiet.
Taco: We can make it all end more agreeably. Tell me what I need to know and I’ll walk away; you’d never see me again.
Jane: You might as well kill me then.
Taco: Nah. Not going to let off a martyr to go singing in the clouds. Jane, you’re pushing my patience.
He bites into a handful of taco with bits of it splattering about the place.
Jane: She’s only five years old.
Taco (Barks with sudden intensity): I don’t give a shit! You should have thought about that before feeding her my diamonds! I want my money and I want it now! Where the fuck is she?!And you know it doesn’t make any difference what happens here tonight. I’d still find her; she’d still be cut open and you’d still live with the blood on your hands.
Jane (Emotionally): I told you I didn’t do it on purpose! Give me more time and I’d pay you off.
He lets off a rabid scream simultaneously kicking a chair to the ground. Without warning, her grabs her face and rams a blow into it. She topples over hitting her head hard to the bare ground. The chair she’s strung to catches her fall in an akward position; She stifles a pained cry.
Taco: Don’t you understand that I don’t have time either! The sharks are breathing down my neck. In a few more days I’d be staring lifeless at seaweed if I don’t come up with the loot. And don’t think you’d be let off, because they’d come for you too. How the heck could you allow a child swallow fifty million Dollars?!
Jane: (with equal fervor): How can you live with yourself killing a five year old for money!
Taco: There are ways to get it done. I have a guy who’s skilled at it. He’s worked with smugglers for years; she’ll have a sixty percent chance of surviving. Its better than nought.
Jane: You’ll never find her; you might as well kill me.
Taco (wipes a straying bead of sweat and motions at his accomplice girlfriend): Untie her legs, tie her hands to the table. I’m fucking horny, I need release.
Meryl: You’re going to fuck her- right in front of me?
Taco: You can wait outside; I won’t be long.
Meryl (hisses) You’re despicable. And you know if not for the money, I’d have left you long time ago.
She moves to do his bidding. Jane muffles screams through her trying to resist Meryl’s handling. In the process, a childish scream is heard from within the house, coming from the inner rafters of the ceiling. All three quietten. Taco smiles.
Jane (with loud urgency) Baby run!!!!Leave the house now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Whoa! Dude! How do you come up with this stuff? Awesome read.

  2. OMG! I hope there's more where that came from?

    You can't leave it hanging!

  3. morrrrrrrrreeeeeeee.....lol

  4. this is not fair...stop leaving us hanging...

  5. Now that my dear is a freaking scene, wwwwoooooowww ....dude u gotta finish this

  6. And he does it again... No comment.

  7. Hullo Peeps!Oooh smashing comments *glee* lol!

    YankeeNaija Deary,randomness as title infers. Unfinished bits n pieces r usually symptomatic of T.Notes being highly stressed! N *wink*wink*,if i can't have Taco's release,gotta let it rip someway or the other,hence let the keyboard bear the brunt!

    @She,heyyyy cool stuff on ur page!Marry Me!!!Doubt i could pick up from where that left off,unless if given cinematic gadgets;)

    Audeo, heyyy you!Will do my best-Just for you!

    Fabulo-la: Hmmm, Mucho gracias girl!