Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vuvuzelas For T.Notes Newbies!!!

This wee post welcomes aboard every T.notes newbie!Yayyyy You!!!!

How you found your way to this deranged end of blogsphere,i could possibly never figure out!
N what possessed you to hit that "follow" button is entirely beyond me!

But nonetheless,because T.Notes WestEnd Theater is all about the audience,we're ushering right to the upper gallery velvet VIP chairs (you wan try?!)where you'd find this little presentation below waiting for you!!!

So,watcha think uh? *wink*wink*!

Some of you i know before like:
The Ever Classy Cricket (you gotta love)!P.S, Pay me girl,for the free publicity!
N some i wish i could spy your face like ChinnyUgoji and Tayo Ojelade.
N others just plain out rock -just because i say so-, i.e TechnicoleurGrl,young grumbler et all!
Oh yeah,n there's naija homegirl sisiyemmie whom i don't think i've sent a welcome note b4??

If i no include your name abeg no crucify me!


P.S. If you think that's my picture,somebody needs to get your head out from under the rock! NO BI MISTAKE OOOO,EEEEEHHHHH!!!!

P.S Again. I just had this amazzzzzing idea on writing!!!Pay me to share!

P.S Again Again. I need to update a real post!


  1. First comment gets free chocolates!
    Oh,then again, that's only me!

  2. lol. you are not well and yes, i will crucify you because i didn't get welcome when i became a follower of the ever "imaginative" T.notes. Where's my chocolate? I want it in my belly.

  3. Aww thanks for the welcome, your blog rocks! You can like to add the chocolate to my welcome pack sha...just because.

  4. As they say in London, you wish you WAS the dude in the pix?


  5. Well that was a nice welcome! Ta eva so much!. And I want chocolates too! 5th place comment or no...
    You can thank YankeeNaija for my follower-ship btw, her delicious blog led me to u.

  6. Aww, that is sweet of you T, but make I no vex sha because you didn't welcome me. LOL...

    ps, share your writing secret abeg...

  7. Look at you...i was gonna send out an SOS.

    p.s. u didnt welcome me o. But I'm not vexing :D

    Have a lovely weekend

  8. now l know you don kolo no be small, how can you say first comment get something and you end up taking it...l vex o.

    Lovely welcome post, waiting for updates o.

  9. hahahahhahha

    That's all I can say...

  10. YAY!!!! Thank you, thank you.. i know i rock.. hehehe... yes, this is one of those nights when i'm randomly hyper. So, yeah, thank you. And i want chocolate... regular Kitkat o, not all that fancy stuff... i'm waiting! Btw, was actually expecting the link to redeem my vuvuzela o...stupid, right? Ok, I should run along now. Have a great weekend.
    Goodbye, Mortal. Mwaahhahahaha!!!!

    (I can't believe I just did that. Forgive me.)

  11. T.Notes T.Notes T.Notes!How many times did I call you?

    ... see what you have done to TecknicoleuGrl nw?LOL!

  12. so how much do we have to pay to make u share.. a little bribe is berra that a whole lot of begging:)

  13. lol...random much...where are you? come back

  14. Promise to be back n comment appropriately. In d mean time,my mind's a foggy mess!

  15. I'm mega vexing! you didn't mention me..

  16. @2cute: But u know u'r my blogger 1st love!!!lol!

    @koinonia: Well, hiiiii u!!!!