Monday, August 2, 2010

Of Quickies, Newbies and Absentiee Bloggers!

You remember how good an impromptu quickie feels like???You're dressed up for church and waiting for your missus to finish up her makeup. You know you're running late,for god's sake, she ought to hurry already. She appears, and your breath briefly siezes!Gosh,she looks like something right out of GQ!Short brown dress,low v-cut around the bust, her hairs cropped into a cute bun,she's drapped a white scarf around her neck, red lipstick and high heels. You get up and dang,you know you're going to be late!

Ehmmm,so i had a smashing weekend!
Dirty minds!We camped out after church at my pal's place. They just got married; we've given them well enough time and space to finish up their dirty. Wife's preggy for proof! Sunday was for grubs and movies!We saw "unthinkable" with Samuel L. Jackson!Awesome!!!!Great times with friends, thats what good days are made of!

Moving on!

A toast n a quickie welcome to these snatzy sounding newcomers:
Clueless in Stiletos
Broken Wings

For those who haven't spotted them,be busybody like me!!!

And on another T.notes,BLOGGER'S GETTING DRY N BORINGGGGG!!!!PEOPLE,UPDATE YOUR PAGES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!Yiiish,blog rounds these days is such a bore!!!

Matter of fact,think i'll institute my own T.Notes awards for most outstanding weekly blogs. Do you know the power bloggers around the world are wielding these days?People need to be thinking around the box...think think outside the box people!On a personal T.Notes,in a little while,i'll be up-ing my game on a certain project i've got scheming in mind and *evil wink*,i'll be looking for some colorful writers to come aboard. Exclusive VIP invites and i ain't afraid to break all politically correct rules!People with spunk,thats my bag!

T.Notes to Talkaholic,got your mail,we'll need to talk further later. My mind's foggy for now.


  1. Still waiting for you to finish those other two blogs that have me in suspense. Hurry jo.

    My secret word to input in order for my comment to be saved, toked. Can you imagine? Never smoked a day in my life and I get toked. lol. Nice.

  2. awww! thanks t-notes! that really made me smile! Thanks... Oh by the way! the quickie, thank God its not possible to defile the marriage bed!... and that's scriptural! lol!... you sound so into your missus... great stuff! she must be half woman! half amazing actually scratch that... all woman! all amazing! :)

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  4. I'm here??? Thanks!

    p.s: btw, what do u mean by 20th century woman? ehn?

  5. Instilettos comments here sound great, going to check her out.

  6. dirty minds!lol

    been so busy lately girl, great to read from you.

  7. Checking out the newcomers...

    "unthinkable" was great!

  8. U sef get dirty mind jo!I'm sure you are ready to opt out of the celibacy mode but madam no gree 4 u(abeg no break my head)

  9. dirty minds ko, you that you wrote it nko...loving Zel already...would check out instilettos soon

  10. hehehehehe!!!
    love unthinkable.....waiting on those new projects :D

  11. luv impromptu quickies:))loved unthinkable too,mehn those torture scenes require a strong stomach,but gr8 movie.

  12. Shoot!!!!I can't belive i didnt drop replies here!!!!I'm sorrry oooo!!!!

    @hedonistic. Hmmm,welcome abaord T.Notes!Checking urs out NOW!