Friday, August 6, 2010

Random Fridays, some R18s.

So folks were around on Thursday night whilst sex and the city was on. I realize that you never get old enough not to cringe when someone uses the word “masturbate” with your parents closeby. Even worse is trying to enjoy a good sex scene. Weird + * shivers*.Brrrr!

Talking about sex and the city, it seems that everywhere I turn these days,some1 is talking about ATM!I used to think I was sexually liberated, but the more I consider ATM, the more I want to gag! Yiiish, ATM, how?!!!Many experiments and experiences, I am kinkily open to, but this one…ehmmm,I dunno o!!!

On a more sexually acceptable note, help!!!I close my eyes these days and all I see are long legs spread eagle next to a waiting steaming bag of French fries and cool ketchup. *Hmmm dinner is served*!Dang! Bear with me, this was initially horny Thursday post.

In Italy, we say: 'Vedi Napoli e poi muori'!!! In english: 'See Naples and die'. i.e, be so much overwhelmed by the wonder and beauty that is the city Naples! CluelessinStils,you brought this wonder back to my mind. *Sighhhh*
*insert google popular opinion*:some have argued that what the phrase really means is that Naples is such a dangerous and chaotic city that it will kill you!)lwkmf!Try Las Gidi!

I plan to do some major reorganizing of my life. I’ve been told lately that I’m way too serious, too intense and career oriented. With certain changes, my next job will cum my finance skills and my writing respite. T.Notes Affirmation: I will get my next job in the finance dept of a media/arts oriented company. This consultancy business sef,wahala too much, everybody expects you to know everything! I’m thinking CNN, BBC, Sky, or flatly theater. No joke, I will live this life to the max. Don’t try me, I back up my talk with action! Wait n see.

Have you read Cindy Trim’s book? One of the fastest growing art forms today is called “spoken word”, Throngs of people gather in clubs, schools, cafes, church auditoriums, stadiums and theaters just to hear the poetic, pulsating rhyme spoken by artists who by virtue of their creativity and talent move audiences to emotional highs and lows merely by what comes out of their mouth. Like painters creating moving masterpieces in vibrant colors, these artists “paint” on the canvass of the human soul. *Awesome*

Do u know what I think would rock hard? A blogger’s poetry jam/spoken word exhibition. Get the best of us lot to do some few minutes off-head lyricism. If you are entirely clueless, check out poetry jams on youtube or google the nuyorican. #1fan! I tried putting together one of such last year, we’d planned venue at icecream factory, we were literally gonna bring that place down, but were at a loss for quality writers. Then…I found blogsvillenaija. I can already see it in my head now...!Dang i love theater!

Speaking about collaborative efforts, does anybody here read memoirs of a slu…shhkid on 360nobs?!*NUTS* Gotta admit, Mr noble over there is fast becoming some sort of self proclaimed celebrity! The guy can definitely tell a story. Truth or fables, he’s pulling a neat crowd! I actually think 360nobs is fast outshining bellanaija.

MC Hammer style boxers are no good for the nuts. This was a mistake! That's what happens when you're behind on laundry days!

ATM =....I can't even bring myself to write it!


  1. I was just about to ask the same question as YankeeNaija! *off to Urban Dictionary*

    Nobs is def a good storyteller...truth or fiction, I just take it as a good tale.

    Na wa for your dream dinner, talk about multi-tasking!

  2. Ewwwwwww abt ATM, thats just wrong...

    lol @ try las gidi

    Spoken word is the shit...have u heard Greeds, he is naija too?

    Imma skip talking on Nobs, seems like bull to me

    Hope you are good, you haven't been online all cr

  3. ATM... that's just disturbing. Wrong on soooo many levels...

  4. Wahts ATM? talk abeg.

    Slush is just yarning but me likey

  5. Like most are asking, what is this ATM sef?

  6. @yankeenaija: since u'v insisted,u av been, and also lost ur appetite@d same time. Thank God u couldnt throw up on me!

    @younggrumbler: certain u'v gotten ur answer. On Nobs,yeah,best to just take it as a good tale. As per factualness, anybody can muster up pictures to validate a tale.

    @neefemi: LOL!!!!!!!!!Dunno who greeds is. Wanna give me a link to that?Y aint i surprised u wouldnt find Nobs funny?!Yeah,i'm doing better now.Tianx a bunch.

    @TecknicoleurGrl: Obodo Obama is not xcuse to be off ur blogg for too long. I'm timing ur return back ere!

    @Myne: Lol! This blog is holy ground!!!!We don't discus ATM n the likes here. *evil wink*Go to urbandictionary and come back n tell me your preference!

    @Zel: You!!!!I wouldnt believe for all the McFlurrys in the world that uuuuu don't know what ATM is.Not buying the ignorance!lol!

  7. Spread eagled long legs vs French fries - which one is dinner?
    *innocent look*

    Why can't we mention "Automated teller Machines" here?
    *insert halo*

  8. T-Notes... this made me laugh, laugh, laugh! ALL of it, can't even pick a line, I'd have to post entire 'post' in my comment... made me think , made me smile and then made me laugh (out loud) genius! ... Blogsville all stars... think that would be so cool... just bring it to London too please!

  9. Still do not know what ATM means *innocent look*. Read Nod's memoir once, I must say interesting but am not hooked.

  10. @SHE:A bit of this dip n a bit of that splosh makes it all the more delightful! *wink*
    And why would Automated teller Machines ever make you wanna loose your appetite?! You should be spanked!lol.

    @inStilettos: Hmmm,blogsville all stars,you coined it purrfectly!London's only a ticket away, no biggie!

    @lara: YOU!!!!Innocent look?!Lai Lai!!!!N jeez,all you ladies hating on poor Nobs!lol!