Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mindblowing Foursome!: Bloggers in my sheets!

I actually have no business blogging about this, but what the heck, it rocked my night and hey, its my page!

So it started with a ring at 9pm. And a familiar female asked quickly, “T.Notes are you free?” Like really, what do you tell a sexy voice asking if you’re free on a cold night in the U.K? No-brainer right? Moreso if that voice belongs to hmmm…the glamorous Duchess-of-London, blogger clueless in stiletoes? (Like hell yayyyy you owe me for the extravagant flattery).
So, “Hell ya!!!” was my immediate reply.
“Ok, hold on, I’ll get Y too.”
“You’ll get Y too?!!!” I spilled my coffee.

“Hiii!” Another dreamy voice, complete with that properly indoctrinized Chicago accent and sounding curiously breathless. (I suspect you YN!!!)

By then I was thinking ‘Blawdy, hell, Santa’s come early to Birmingham!’ as there’s now not just one, but two to-die-for females only a kiss whisper away!”
“Hang on still…”She hurriedly takes off again.

By now I had my performance theme song playing in my head whilst I was doing hurried pushups to brace myself for the task ahead.

“…It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight
Risin' up to the challenge…”

BUT...Scratch the record…the last newcomer was a husky voice, and guess who, that son-of-a-gun MUSCO!!!!WTF!!!Blood drains to a sickening limpness.

LOL!!!!ROTFWL!!!You know I’m kidding!

In brief words, this T.Note marks the awesome conference call I just had with Clueless in Stiletoes, YankeeNaija, and Musco my main man!LOL! Gosh, that was hilarious!!!

P.S: Total Disclaimer on that picture! The events that followed from that one picture should not even be described. For real,those kids were having sex! Whats this world coming too! Its bad enough we know they're doing it, but putting pictures online havin sex???Thats just wrong!!!Now really.


  1. You naughty guy, lol...I can imagine you guys had fun. Enjoy jare...

  2. @Myne: Lol!Yeah, twas def fun!

    @Who else cares to know: What do u know,the(lol) infamous Nobs stopped over at T.Notes! See mummy,told you i'd be famous one day!

  3. Haba, was my voice that bad? You may be hearing from my lawyers soon.

    Had fun though .....

  4. naughty...naughty guy, the picture and the title got me racing here...some conference call it must be.

  5. Yeah. You got me too! I was looking forward to racy story...

  6. I would have thought you'd love the sex scene photos o.. Knowing the 'crook' in you.. lol..
    You're 'hotting' seriously o..
    Try well well!

  7. @2cute: Uuuuu!!!But Wait a minute! Sexoholic,maybe yes so.But small children n sex,don't go well with T.notes at all o! Abeg, draw the line o!And as far as i can see,those r kids!How u dey now?

    @SHE: Hmmm,go and buy playboy!I'm a saint over here!

    @Lara: Haaa,you too!!!!Why all of you dey trip for sex like this?!!!Ehhh,this world don corrupt finish!
    Lol.But yup,fun call.

    @Ms O: Hullo Charming you!!!!!

    @Musco My Man: I am bored o!!!!This your U.K cold rain ain't doing it for me o!Been indoors all day,n freezing all the same!

    @Neefemi: Lol!!!!!

  8. Gosh, you had my immagination running riot!!!

  9. @afrobabe: comeon,put something on your blog ALREADY!!!!!!Bored!

  10. hmmmm ..... now that Afrobabe seems to be making blog rounds in recent times, sign of good things to come?

  11. update jo!

    na u only go 1st go skl?LOL

  12. loool! Omg you are a fool I swear!

    Hope your exams went/are going well?

  13. Hey Fab:Ooooh,taking the punches and doing best to wield some back...but so far so good. Thanx a mill.