Saturday, December 25, 2010

Snowball in yo face-like that!

It would be totally wrong and sinful not to pause a moment just to scream "MERRRRRRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL!!!!!!"

MWUAH MWUAH MWUAH Kissssses all over the place!Hope you're having a fab day, and if it doesnt rock so hard, simply cozy up with a good movie and enjoy watching the day pass!!!Or better still,cozy up with your laptop and enjoy some of the T.Notes classics!Serious.

LOVE YA!!!!!And especial Hugs to my offblogger pals who so entirely rock!

Merry xmas Lara,2cute,musco,Abi,Ade,YN my girl whoop whoop!!!!,neefemi,paraket,olufunmi,LDP,my new pal Modupe,Miss Fab!,Naijalines,Myne,Mr talkaholic,Vera!!!and if i forget your mention, just assumme that i am totally knackered at the time of penning these thoughts!

Ho ho ho ho ho all!

P.S, yes christmas, as a day could truly be overated, it's really all a thing of the heart/mind, so be like me and choose happy.

P.P.S, Got some miracle cash so coming term's fees and some month's rent is sorted. Still need a job though to survive bills!

P.P.P.S, who's heard that post study visa is being cancelled from april. Start thinking plan B fellow U.K postgraduate students.

P.P.P.P.S We have much to talk about, but for now, back to rocking xmas.

P.P.P.P.P.S A special Love to my friend who's working on this cold xmas day. Advice, just do a bum jiggle whilst your work about!!!


  1. Share the miracle money o!...heard about post study also, actually the school career centre told us so i think its true...Merry Christmas.

  2. Merry christmas Ope....Muuuuaaaah

  3. See you had fun this Christmas an thanks for the Shout-out. Happy New Year in Advance

  4. So after that lovely olofofoic intro with midget gate, I have been trolling your other blogs

    Great job, especially for a guy!

    I noticed you wrote a lot of questions/ponderings in a couple of them, if you read back, (the way I did from the latest the one before and the one before..etc) you will probably notice that the you had inadvertently answered your own question.

    Dont get it? Ok, I will expantiate in my next two comments

    Watch this space! (ok, not this space, just the space by the side of your blog, where recent comments are featured tee hee hee)