Thursday, January 13, 2011

@Mena: Even if I wanted to become an internet porn model!

Lol! That’s one heck of a title, but i am serious! (KMT) Well, you decide...

Yeah, so today I signed up a plum job with an internet sex modelling site! It’s called m***.com. Well if you busied over there you might quickly notice that, wait a minute, the models on mfc are for sensible reasons, only chics. Yes, my point exactly. Which is why i decided to break the norm. It’s a liberal labour market, isn’t it? If a woman can do it, a man can also! So, i was allocated a room, with a p.c , a webcam and the simple instructions to get my viewers horny. The hornier they get, the more tips i make and the more cash that goes into my pocket. (Ka-ching, cash-in baby!) Seems quite simple right? And safe too! I’d be within the confines of the room, there’ll be no drunk men/women trying to grab my succulent/turgid bits, and all i’d have to do is touch myself and fake an occasional orgasm to get the audience applauding. I had seen the girls in the other rooms do it, and as far as i was concerned, this was gonna be easy business, easy money. (Well, except for the bits of sticking things into my chocolate dark behind, that was definitely not gonna happen! Hell faggoty no way!) Anyways,if this worked out, by the end of the day, i’d easily pay off the winter electricity bill waiting for me at home. (grumble) Note that 500bucks is what eon sent my apartment for december’s electricity and gas bills! Do they not have mercy on students?!

So i started work, and within the first 5mins, i had 120visitors to my private cam room!

WTH! Haha,i was making cash and proving a point, i.e women have viral lusts too! Well,i hoped they were women viewers and i was not really dancing for oogling transvestite folks! My theme music was ‘eye of the tiger’, and i stripped slowly as the ladies egged me on, then i commenced to touching and stroking my turgid self. The tips were pouring in. The ladies wanted more.

Somebody asked me to serve some cream over my ‘quarter-pounder’, so i reached over for the chocolate syrup conveniently closeby, let it drip slowly down, then i proceeded to let my fingers do the talking.

Up, down, up, yeah sweetie, you like that uh, slowly up, down up...kapoow! Shoot! I couldn’t see my p.c screen anymore-as the juice from quaterpounder creampied the computer screen. *moan*. I’d only done ten minutes and 10bucks so far!

I quickly wiped some view off the p.c screen to check out my audience and noticed that they were fast migrating. The reason was obvious as i stared down with dismay...someone had clearly insisted that the party was over and he’d called it a night! So freaking unfair! And they talk about equality! Some career lines definitely do not favour the menfolk!

Hang on, hang on people, i can bring this party back to life. I screamed at the computer screen. Hold on a minute, i promise you this is not a regular occurrence, i’ve just had a stressful day, i usually keep this up for no less than an hour! Comeon boy, i muttered to QP,don’t let me down! Wake up champ, wake up! We need this money man! But like in the movies, champ just refuse to resurrect, and my numbers were going down to unit figures. Oh nooo!

MFC admin was not liking the viewer population streaming from my room, and soon a pound came on the door. ‘Alright T.Notes, out! Let someone productive occupy the room mate!’ I packed up my stuff and trudged out of the building, clearly my shift was over for the night. On my way out, i noticed texas4cum and agent 99 having a field day with lucent blue dildos and nipple thingys as the beautiful sounds of incoming tokens fluttered out from their work space.

Life is not fair to us men, just not fair i tell you! 100tokens gets a model on mfc 5dollars! And for doing nothing but dancing and touching herself in a private room in front of a webcam. Well well, we can argue the decency issue about her nakedness being on public display, but aww comeone, anyone who in the first place has no inclination against online sex exhibition definitely in my opinion does not have any qualms about the exposure bit. So that is not an argument in this instance. Some career lines are definitely just not fair to the menfolk! Tomorrow i’ll resume sending out mass applications and waiting on edge for the phonecalls.

Note to reader. Especially male readers. For very many obvious reasons, internet porn addictions can pretty much mess a guy up. Without listing the sum of them, the most practical reason is most of the cheesy sites easily stream malwares into your system, and i’m sure you are not ready to bear the cost of replacing a screwed laptop right now. Lol!!!!P.S....certainly these notes bear no semblance to actual played out reality...just another screwy t.note...or maybe not. *wink*wink*

Considering that the above represents my intelligent viewpoint on the worlds of internet sexing and hookups...Last word @Mena: Take back that comment about me and internet porn pronto!

Happy laugh-out-loud year from T.Notes to y'all!


  1. Well, well, well! LOL...

    I think there are drugs to help the menfolk retain the turgidity for longer abi?

  2. LOL... abeg stick to your day job.

    BTW, i've updated oh.

  3. Oh! Now you know where your career path DOESN'T lie!

  4. lol...u're so not serious o. sha sha, i know this didn't happen jare. all na zobo! saw ur last comment on my, i'll update soon. hope u gd?tc.

  5. also i just tagged you in The Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards. Check my blog for details.

  6. Hahahahahahhahaha oooh God! This is hilarious!

  7. this is so hilarious....this is beautiful....

  8. hmmmm....

    *trying hard to comment here*


  9. I just tagged you in The Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards. Check my blog for details....:D

    This post...*no comment*

  10. Hey dearie, how are you doing today..guess what! You have been tagged the "Stylish and Versatile Blogger's Award"...check it out via my blog..stay blessed always.

  11. STAY THA Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo AWAY FROM PORN AND GO AND MARRY!! Come to think of it, just maybe you depend on these site is becuase of your 'skills' Sir creamthecomputerscreen!


    p.s Thanks for..the blog title and all..OH ONE MINUTE MAN!I joke, I joke, I play I play ...or am I? ;)

  12. hahaha..this is funny. Cant help laughing..

    Mena you too no sound at all

  13. Ok, i call a truce here.
    BTW TNotes, Mena got you good. teeheehee.

  14. LOL!!! ive been saying this thing for a while! men have it so much harder when it comes to these things lol. loved the post.