Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Noooo,don't leave me!..and other notes to naughty bloggers!!!!

Nothing hurts more than realizing she meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to her.Sighhh...tears!When you break up, your whole identity is shattered. You are no longer alive.**Sniff. Oh well,i guess i did see it coming..but how it hurts so!!!Tissue!..and other famous breakup expressions of sadness...

Anyways peeps,it is with heavy heart that i announce that come tomorrow,a knock will come on my door, and i will be waiting for it. It will be a grimm meeting. No pleasantries, no chat-up lines,only the going through the motions of the harsh formalities. (Oh,i don't know how i'll get through this!)For those who have my numbers, ensure you call your boy, and send frequent encouragements, you know,ensure that i'll still be in one piece! Ooh,the agony!!!How will i make it through the days ahead!

I JUDGE MENA!!!You jinxed me with your evil words warning me to stay away from those vixen models!!!

Anyways,as you can see,all of my witt's strength fails me even as i pen these notes, and there just isn't any decorated way of saying this,so here goes:

"Tomorrow, there're coming for my laptop!!!!"

Freaking thing has been acting the foolery, so not being able to take it anymore,i've called toshiba and activated my warranty rights. So anyway, the essense of this note is that i'll be laptop-less for the next twoo weeks or so. Hence,my withdrawal symtoms begin..i will do bes to take it like a man. And yup, before the inevitable happens (unless if i call them up at the last minute and let them know that i could not go through with it anymore!)i will do some comment replies here, and some naughty shoutouts to my fav blogger peeps, just incase i am a.w.o.l for too long. Oh, i will certainly pop in often,just don't know if i'll be able to update freely. (Cos i do not update unless its off my own pc!)

Yeah (rubbing hands), here goes my peppering ya'll,in response to my modelling post and randomly as you come to mind.

1. To all who graciously passed on the stylish blogger award thingy to me. Ooooh,mucho gracias!!!I had a long speech prepared,but alas, the seperation does not afford me to publish it just yet. But i will reciprocate as soon as i return!

2. @Mena: Yes,you are 1st!Beware,you are commencing on a journey of which you are not capable of negotiating the treacherous terrains!Nobody trades undertones with T.Notes and leaves to tell the tales!!!I gave you due chance to take back those subtle jabs and INSTEAD,you add salt and pepper to the festering ego wounds!!!In the words of the terminator,I WILL BE BACK...!And when i do, perhaps,i will educate you on the complexity of how marriage never did/could solve the issues of a man's maraunding hormones!

3. @naughty J: Thank you jare.Help me treat her f*up!

4.@Yankeenaijababe: Thanx4 the award hun. The award i hand over to you is, that of most consistently licorish sweet and classy femme du bloggerville. Oh lala!

5.@Tega and Beautiful: SMH...i do not get these two!The conspiracy theory that's festering in my head right now is how someday i will walk in and happen on these two torridly doing the naughty.These love affair between the two of you is giving me cause for concern. The kingdom of God is at hand!*wink*

6.@Harry: If you do not make all these dreams that you have finely elucidated on blogger come true very soon,i'll be sooo disappointed in you man!!Make it happen man!

7.@Lara: I think Lara is just the coolest chic on blogger. I no fit shout!

8.@Nicole: Thanx4 dropping by girl. Ur novel rocks,plsssss don't stop!

9.She: I like She...she's like a mystery but i could never quite lay a finger on!

10.Audeo: We have scores to settle!

11.P.E.T: Let's do coffee sometime soon?!

12.Myne: Whatever...You're a star already,i'm not adding to your mountaneous acclaim jor!lol!

13. Shoutout to gmail,skype and other offbloggers: Main man musco, YN-the love of my life!!!!!Audeo,technocoleur girl,Nifty neefemi,and ehmm xoxo!

14. I am now getting tired and writing and need to return to hugging my laptopn these last few hours we have together!

15.oh,@vanity: This girl sha!

16.@The dy prof: I salute sir!

17.@Wild boy: Give me your sister's number na!!!!How many times will i beg you. Your shakara sef is too much!lol!

18.Ehmm,if i no drop your name, abeg, na tiredness cause am, else you have been a.w.o.l yourself for a while.

19. Have i mentioned clueless?!!

20.@ Oga, My Nest of Flames, Ashes and Rebirth...No bi so we dey maintain blog o!!!You just tintillated the ladies and thereafter disappeared!lol!No worry,i understand. "This blogging thing sef, na hard work, abi!"

21.@Sisi-yemmie: The one and only sisi yemmie!Haha,you saved my butt recently!Went to sweetheart's house recently, and was caught for a momnet in those akward moments of silence with rest of the family, and guess what came to mind which i deftly used to commence a long hilarious chitchat?!A blog update of urs!!!Hide your wife, hide your kids!!!lol!

22. Ok, this has got to be the longest blog in the history of blogger.

23. Really...i have tried, if i have not mentioned a love to you, you know i love you still!


  1. Now am scared, are you going to be ok?...O No! ....don't cry my dearie, .......O NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!

  2. LOL...the picture of that chinese baby is hilarious! Pele dearie, hope your laptop comes back hale and hearty.

    We'll miss you too!

  3. Send me ur number.... we need to talk!!!

    Its about my dreams (weird right)

    Just hola me back man...

    Don't go...

    And one of my dreams will come true come October 2011 by God's grace

  4. LMAO! hahaha I won't just reply u! and if u're interested, i'm sure we can make space for u between us *wink*. pele about ur laptop ehn? don't cry too much o! e-hugs.

  5. The baby's picture's just hillarious!

    Coffee? *checking my schedule* sure,let's make it ice cream. I'll tell u wen, so u'll buy ur ticket,deal?

    Dont go AWOL for too long oh...

  6. so dramatic. I've never known a man to be as dramatic as you. good grief. lmao. and so all this time that you've been in Jand, you have a phone number but haven't shared it w/ me? eh, is that so? ok o. I see the "love" is not really there. it's alright. i still have Musco to share my thots w/. (lmao). I will pepper you indeed.

  7. (mumbling to myself) * Oturugbeke okokobioko, see me see troubu, abi dem send am? LOL.

    Dude, no offence but you seem to be on a loong thing. How does a lack of a laptop stop you from bloggin in the year of our Lord 2011?

    Just say the truth and it shall set you free jor
    *runs away*

  8. *deep sigh*
    Who replies comments in the body of a post? Shall I ship a temp laptop to you?

  9. Right of reply: :P


  11. This Bobo...Beautiful has answered you so...

    That baby's picture...disturbing much

    I understand separation issues...My friend... you should have trudged in the chilly wind to the library or wherever to get your aren't desperate for us jare...I don't buy this boosheet one bit

    I read 'Sweetheart' somewhere in your post....T.Notes who are you dating o...I want ears are at alert

    See ya around....x

  12. Tega Tega Tega!!!!I will reply you properly soon.

  13. @YNJ: Lol!!!!Thanx dear,i survived and fine now!lol!

    @Myne:Yeah she DID!!!!

    @Harry:Forgive me pls,will do asap!

    @Beautiful: Yes now,lets talk about that space in between!

    @PET::Why can't i comment on some of ur blogs!!!!


    @Mena:Pls pls,stop bringing that perfect backside picture to my blog jare,you're distracting my concentration!

    @She:Thanx jare. Mwuah!!!

  14. lol...just seeing wahala, me and Mena get where we dey meet...

    You on the other hand, are a terrific writer

  15. awww poor thing :p
    hope u have your laptop nw :)