Friday, January 7, 2011

When FB becomes war territory! (NobleIgwe vs Penny)

Gosh i love a good ole dirty fight! Grabbing my popcorn and rooting for my boy,Nobs! Then again,Penny's a hottie though

**Noble Igwe a.k.a @Nobsdaslushkid!!! I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart, ure such an Ungrateful midget and I hand u over to God to judge!!! You make noise all over d place abt millions and a tiny token I gave to save ur stranded ass, u can't payback since august....I even waived the freaking debt n u can't say, 'Thank you'........***all dis wanna-be-popular-byforce-igboboys*** mscheeeeeew!!!!

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Kela Alale Shuooooooooo

15 hours ago.Esther Ogba Otse Okpozu ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Penny what are you doing?!!!On Facebook?!!!what's the guy to do now?!

15 hours ago.Lydia Pollyn Chinekeee Peniel u pieces d midget swaggg sha! No b small wanna be pooular by force igbo boy*hmmm deep tots*seems like my story>insider
15 hours ago.Pennyel Sugababe John Ok, don't judge me! The goat refused to take my calls, reply my bbms or even sms!!! This is my last option!!!!

14 hours ago.Utibe Effiong ETHNIC SENTIMENTS ON FACEBOOK?

14 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · 1 personLoading....Mmakamba Eno Not sure its bout ethnicity I know its bout a midget settling his debt. Only if he wud be honest enof to admit he doesn't ve a conscience as much as he lies bout his escapades. penny old things ve passed away, behold its 2011!

14 hours ago via Facebook Mobile · 1 personLoading....Dorcas Ibigbeye Sekibo LOL, girl easy. abeg no vex.

10 hours ago.Ugo Henry Ejim Doesn't have anytin to do with being Ibo...Calabar, Ogoni, Yoruba people et al all have ingrates! Like say u never waive the debt I for tackle am for you. Lol!

7 hours ago.Alice Slimz Diz is so harsh......abeg oooo,,Noble Igwe no com razzle me ooo,,becos diz penny's msg haz said it all
B4 u go cme borrow my money all in d name of luv

7 hours ago via Facebook Mobile.Femi Akibu Penny hmmmm abeg gimme the contract to help you collect the money from the midget. I go package am very well.

6 hours ago via Facebook Mobile.Nick Harry Aww, never knew he was one of 'em unrepentant debtors you were crying about way back September. God has a reward for everyone of us!

6 hours ago.Pennyel Sugababe John Just allow him!!!! I just pity all the foolish boys and girls dat really feel he's all that and try to help him!!! When he was stranded, his foolish fans abandoned him!!!

6 hours ago via Facebook Mobile.Pennyel Sugababe John My dear uve seen it all oh! But in everything I give thanks

6 hours ago.Elizabeth Nwosu Are u kidding me peniel? how in God's name did ur paths cross???

6 hours ago.Elizabeth Nwosu so much for bieng a SLUT(SH) KID......HISSSSSSSSSS***

6 hours ago.Pennyel Sugababe John Lizzy, I knew him many years ago oh, when he was still working with virgin!!!!

6 hours ago.Elizabeth Nwosu kk.....i hear he finished from my uni but am not a fan @ all.

6 hours ago.Pennyel Sugababe John Yeah UNEC!!! My dear.... Proud fool.....I'm just angry at myself! See why I said I won't be nice again? He's not even the only one!!!

6 hours ago.Elizabeth Nwosu kpele dear. Don't allow such people stop ur blessings. not really worth it sha....

6 hours ago.Pennyel Sugababe John Yeah thanks

5 hours ago.Solomon Sule Wao! The way u finish d guy na wao, infact dis goes out to all the fake million boys outdia. Nna na wa

5 hours ago.Nehemiah Attigah this is below the belt Sugababe

4 hours ago.Nick Harry There're still many more out there & I just hope they will all be humiliated one after the other!


  1. Why am I not surprised???
    As a spectator on the stands, i'll say... i really dont understand this Noble VS Others issue... there seem to be a lot going on off camera and we only get to hear about the fights...

    I've read his memoirs and I see his tweets, me thinks he's either carefree or living a double standard life... which ever it is... his reputation gets stabbed more often than he get commended for whatever it is he does!

  2. loool! eyah poor dude, me i still believe those memoirs are made up. what does he even know how to do well cept dream, dream and dream on...mchewww. i have nothing against him o, from his tweets and memoirs i just think he's trying too hard. he should calm down.

  3. You are one crazy it still.

  4. I didn't even know he's on twitter. I like him. i commend his "honesty" and "openness". And he posts pictures which make his memoirs somewhat more credible. What ever I don't care.

  5. what exactly is happening here???? I seem to be the only one lost!!!

  6. WELL TO BE FAIR SHA, Noble is kinda like a midget sha *runs away*

  7. @Mena: Heyyyy,come back ere!!!M.I is also a short black dude and the ladies luv him all the same!Take that back!lol