Monday, February 21, 2011

Sold Jesus for Sex!

Note-to-Self: I'm telling you that the devil is not even joking around with the level of shit i'm having to deal with these days!It's like how they say,the wiser you get,the more intense his playback antics, sometimes fully damning the usual camouflage of you discovering his twisted existence behind the ploy of things.Like WTH!...Like lately i'm just seriously doing my best to be a real and seriously effective christian,then i have to wake up for a 12am piss-call few seconds ago only to be privy to the last bit of a hushed feminine kitchen talk saying, "...i don't get it with these guys,even if you just want to be sex buddies,just say it!Heck i don't mind being a f*ck friend with...right now!"My ears are ringing full as i stagger quietly back to my room. Why Why Why you gotta be messing with my head like this!I was closing the distance with her only just to be able to invite her to church! At least Judas got paid hard currency for ditching Jesus,me i'd be a far worse asshole abandoning the loftier ideal for a few minutes of multiRacial roll-in-the-hay!

I shouldn't have written this down. I should have gone straight to bed so that when i wake in the morn and remember all this bullwhack,i'd dismiss it all as another wishfull dream that i had. But the girl in the bus was not a wishful reverie, neither was the girl flirting by the printer earlier today!I tell you,someone is trying to bring me down,and burst my reinforced spiritual high,and i blame it on the devil!Or blame myself...i should gone straight to bed instead of staying up watching skins with C.....MUMBLE GRUMBLE SCHUMBLE!


  1. loool! sorry hahaha
    dnt let the devil win!!!,lol

  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank God you are experiencing it first hand!

    He who throws the first stone .....


  3. hahaha!
    Typical naija... he blames the devil!

  4. One word, You are konjified...

  5. Let us pray!

    Dear Lord, please help brother T-Notes to stay out of "trouble" for as long as he can.
    We recommend seven days dry fasting and serious night-long prayers in the mountains...

  6. You must fast and pray T

    Dry Fasting

    And you shall be fine...lwkm

  7. Reject then fast fast, we are covered by his precious blood, hope you are alright...hugs!

  8. lol....


    lol again

    I am praying for u...the devil will not have his way

    but then again

    are u sure...???

  9. come out of hiding jo .........!