Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, lookie what i found!

On another T.Notes,Hullos Peepadales!!!!How u been? Got exams tomorrow!Whoop Whoop!And i am typing this under the influence of massive headache,hangovers and need-to-sleep-syndrone!(Did i spell that right??Too lazy to do a spell-check jor!)..Anyways,so i'm wondering...what's the worse that could happen with my present inclination-majorly flirting with my Asian courseMate Mia??What do you think? Here's how my brief delving into the fantasy went today.

So in reality,i'm supposed to meet up with Mia tomorrow after the exam.(But i will be good,as in seriously).So we meet up casually,end up at P.S-the coolest joint for Birm.potatoes&Bear!We chat for a while, then take it to her crib. We're lucky,none of the others are around.Things get a little cozy. But since i'm still the king of the no-sex club,i will only indulge a little this n that. So..flip a lil to earlier picture to get the gist.

So that happens,we're both cool, and we end the day on a nice note. Now Asian girls are reallly nice, but they do tend to get a lil possesive, and you'd better be replying their text on time, or else!!!,i refused to reply text and Mia's not feeling happy about it, thinking i've made her into a cheap thrill. But,i shrug and still do not reply texts. And that is where i start to realize that my school community's actually got a close knit populace of asian guys around, who all of a sudden seem to know Mia and seem to be frowning at me around every corner. In fact,i'm not kidding to say that at every busstop, it seems there's an asian guy lurking closebuy with gritted teeth,just waiting for me to be alone after dark. What is up with these people, have you not heard of the concept of a simple one night stand before, why's everybody taking this thing so personal, i never promised to marry anybody?!!!Jeez!!!

Anyways,now i'm starting to get pissed,and i'm not going to take it standing down!So, yes, you guessed it. We also do have quite a number of my naija guys around too!And you know we're bigger too,bigger,blacker,meaner!So if nobody puts an end to this beef very soon, Hiroshima's gonna be child's play compared to the tribal clash down that's gonna happen in Birm right after the last exam pens are dropped!

So,watcha think???Should i go ahead still??


  1. Hahahaha!..i dnt even knw why i'm laughin! dude it's not nice to treat ladies like this..we dnt like to be treated like cheap thrills :/
    you better start replyin her txts or those asian guys are gonna deal with u. dnt mess with a mean little asian..i tell ya! :p

  2. That T-shirt is so gross! LOL..

    As for Mia, you better stand down o. My hand no dey.

    All the best with your studies.

  3. Its fantasy, right?

    So I say you forget the no-sex rule and actually go all the way. So that the ensuing tribal war will be worth it.

    Just fantasizing....

    And no, its spelt S-Y-N-D-R-O-M-E!

  4. @kitkat:lol..av u had sm "experience" with them asian dudes b4?Hmm,do tell do tell!Leave me jor,everybody likes n wants to be a cheap thrill sometime. Visit naijapalsR18 forum and see.

    @Myne:Gross?!!!Aww comeone Myne!U'r no fun!Dnt let Husby hear that from you o!

    @SHE: Ehmmm,good question--how much is fantasy?!lol!And hahaha,I'm luving ur advice!hi-5!!!!And yeah yeah yeah,thanx4 the english lesson!loL!

  5. you don start again.

  6. I say someone is about to get his incisors (frontteeth) knocked out.... that wont look good in the graduation pictures though
    *walking away