Friday, April 8, 2011

Loosing Our Masks: Stripped!

Have you noticed that a number of old timer bloggers are retiring their annonymity??My Sis NaijaLines just did the unthinkable-stop by her blogg and sight the face behind the words we've known for years now Stripped.

Talking about loosing face....I think the end is nearing for T.Notes too. Dunno,seems me and that rascal bugger are at a crossroad where something's gotta give. Either we move into the faced blogging along with my finer respectable veterans,or....i don't know...something's just gotta give.Things have gotten too quiet around here.

I gave it a little shot on another naija community that i pen words. Put up a picture there, and i'm not too sure i like the feeling. Feels naked....naked....Though on a cheerrier note,it's gotten me some nice attention with the ladies!!!!Hahaha!!!Suddenly i'm having alot of friends around there,and finally some renowed respectability!!!I'm getting BB pins,e-mails,and 'ish like free wedding confetti. Jeez,you'd think i was all that...if i might dare so say so myself...ahem!

Truth or Dare uh?


  1. stick to your anonymity for as long as you want, dont be pressured into revealing your identify....dont't want to loose you on blogsville.

  2. Lara-Laura,you know i absolutely love you!

    i dnt get what the fuss is bout posting your pic on your blog. jst do it! :p .i wnt to admire some eye candy lol jk :p

  4. You sure you fine so? LOL...


  5. .LOL...If you sure say you fine, prove it! Show us!!!! lol. No pressure tho. Ive never liked being anonymous cos my face is too pretty to be talking rubbish again. Oya show us na, pls show us....

  6. I no know before, now I know love you love me :)

  7. @KitKat: You're messing with getting some serious sweet tooth then. Be careful what you wish for. *double winks!*

    @Myne: Heck yeah!!!All that plus a bag of frosted chips!Puleeeze!

    @Sisi Yemmie: Ehnnnn we know say you fine, we don see am well well. But @Lara-lahrah fine pass you jare!!!lol!

    @Lara: Heyyyy,without a doubt!!!!

  8. Lol!! A face to go with the words DOES have its advantages ;D

    I suppose if you're not comfortable with it you can just do your own thing and maybe snap the back of your head lol!!!