Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Blogger's Confessions II: Liars and Deceivers

Hi All...readers and passer-bys alike. Really,thanks for taking off your valuable time to stop by this watershedding memoirs once again. If you are new to what is going on,you might hoover your mouse over here and quickly familiarise yourself.

It might seem that i kept mute after that last post,but i can assure you that there hardly is ever any moment of quiet reverie beneath the worlds of blogger templates. That is really why i flagged that last post - to draw attention to all that happens hereon blogsville after the neat and tidy posts and cushy commentaries.

I've been swamped with emails from all concerned in the episode i knowingly kicked off. Clearly i stirred up a hornet's nest, but ya'll know i'm not one to give up on a good ol ruckus. Haha! Moreso when e-mails started involving namecallings and mudslinging from three certain female bloggers and one other big head dude!What!!!Don't be testing me and my big mouth ooo!!!Hehehe.

So,Mena put up a response, as she told me she would. But comeon Babes,you underestimate and take for granted the level of people's intelligence on blogger! Everybody can see thru that post and quickly tell that that was a weak attempt to make jest of a real happening! Any 5 year old can see that!Come on Love!

So,here's what i'll do, i'll take things up just one last notch,and i'll call a truce before things get ugly. I could be the bigger man and just stop it all here right now, but you know you hit the sore spot on that bit of "Mena: 'Thanks, but I don't smoke." when in all truth,ahem,we both know who smoked who!!!

So,give me a moment to pull out my wild cards,and i'll lay a little bit of the hard facts and evidence on the table. They say pictures don't lie uh?!Hmmmm.....P.S. Mena can stop this all right now by admitting that there was ABSOLUTELY no shred of lie in my last post,else i'll go ahead and strip the whole gist NAKED! P.P.S Musco was right earlier when he pre-empted that something really happened and i pulled that quick post to try to justify myself before the other party started singing. The question though is, who's the fibber, and who's the born again blogger here?!Double winks.

Remember how they say,"the wind is not your friend when you're wearing tight thongs and a loose skirt". Well,not really sure if anybody ever quoted that one,but it sure sounds kinky to me!

Round 2 is drawn open. Call truce now,or else we both bleed. Me,i no send!
(Walks away singing, "got nothing to loose,i ain't got nothing to loose,nothing to loose...")


  1. Nooooooooooooooooooo....
    Allllll weeeeeee are saaayiiiiiing.. Give us more gist.......

  2. You are definitely putting more than you can chew in your mouth ....!!!

    When you finally get into trouble, don't come to me for consolation o....


  3. *Still watching with keen interest!

  4. Truce wetin? I want to see all the dirty laundry :p
    Waiting patiently! :P

  5. Lovely blog. I am coming back for more...:)

  6. T.Notes: I am only passing by, shaking my head and loving you more... you make my day,more like my night right now with your posts.

    But biko don't go looking for too much trouble.

  7. I dont know what to say.....*mouth open*
    It seems I've walked into some beef???
    I do hope all is sorted soon 'cos I really dont want people to get hurt at all, at all.
    Abeg oh!

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog. Much appreciated. I'm popping you on my blog roll so I'll def be back
    Have a blessed - an peaceful - week!

  8. YAAAY! Keep it up!
    Kissing and telling, or just making up stories? You have an audience either way!

  9. I just balanced waiting for Mena's response. I so love this back and forth. I hope no one gets hurt though

  10. You are a great writer! And it seems there was a little drama I seemed to have missed for coming so late.
    I'm definitely taking that your advise on trying to familiarize.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  11. lol..good ol rukus huh?
    truce ke?? if i..