Saturday, May 21, 2011

I h*a*t*e Blogging!

It is really as simple as that!

Oh,and to be honest,i really don't like some bloggers. They just act and talk alot of s*h#iT! P.S...if i have ever confessed my love to you on your blogg,then i really do want to hook up with you. If however i dislike you,i just skim thru,SMH and usually leave no comments,at least until now.

I think i'm a crummy mood and just took it out on someone. WTH..whatever!


  1. Shuo....warris/hurris vexing you?...

    kpele dear

  2. lol! boyfriend mi kilode? who stole ur bread? sowi ehn! *hugs*

  3. take it easy..dont mind that person eh.. :)*hugs*

  4. Lol! You ARE pissed. Yeah, don't mind them oh


  5. ha ha, pissed beyond a doubt! :)

  6. lool you're cute :p i love it when u get worked up!

  7. this is me sending you a billion cyberhugs... cheer up, dear! we love you!

  8. HaHA. I think everyone feels like that sometimes. They're not just as honest:)

  9. Awww, T, take things easy dear. You will be okay.

  10. @Sisi Yemmi: Oooh changed ur profile pic?Feeling the look!

    @Tega: Long tory.Insignificant water under the bridge.

    @Beuariful: Hmmm,that's cozy!Make it longer ;-)

    @Ms Infamous: Thanx Luvey!

    @The cornershop:Lol. Rily,i'm peachy! Thanx jare!

    @Lara: Lara My Love!!!!!You know,you I love!You can do no wrong!

    @FantasyQueen:Maybeeeeee.So quit laughing about it already!Lol! Thanx 4 dropping by.

    @Kitkat: Cute???!! Not Cute KitKat!!

    @Myne: Definitely wasn't you!For myne,it's r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

    @Techni:Thanks Luv.

    @Naijaline: True that,and reassuringly good to know too. Thanx.

    @Lily: Thanx dear.

    Phew.That done,we can move on. Ehmm,is it me, or what's happened to all the men on blogger!This is starting to feel uber uncool!Like walking around in the female linerie section!

  11. @T.Notes-Before nko????? ' walking around in the female ...' Isn't that what you want???


  12. Ok....i'm still scrolling down looking for the part where it's revealed that you're joking. Someone must have pissed you off good oh...Sowwee naaa! {puppy dog eyes}
    BTW we do love you too:D:P

  13. We love you T.Notes...

    And I hate blogging too