Monday, July 4, 2011

24 lap dances after i became a london big boy.

It's 12.24am. I just called musco a few minutes ago and he didn't pick up his phone!I don't know the kain sleep the guy dey sleep sef!I mean,what sort of conscience goes to bed when you need him at 12.24am!(Pls,I am looking for a new friend in the U.K.If you do not mind idle chitchats that will involve 911 confessions,drop your digits here abeg!)

To keep this short...i called musco as i hurried out of Tz's bedroom. (Don't crucify me yet,pls!).The annoying thing about Tz (which formed the title of this short post...24hours after i became a LBB),is i've been trying to get to the girl for the past 10months.And this evening,i mention to her, that, Oh,i got the job with XyZ Bank,and less than two hours afterwards,i was in her room (for the 1st time),staring at her amazing chocolatey hips a few centimeters away from me on a tiny bed and watching her twirl her hair about her fingers.....SMH...even i would be utterly stupid if too much had happened therein.(Is that not the kind Kanye called a gold digger?)

But it doesn't beat the fact that she suggested and i accepted....and i don't know sef...this U.K dey tire me...i need to talk to someone,i'm a serious confusionist mess!I'll be back,i need to give Rs a call. The problem with all these my other friends is they'll start preaching exodus and genesis to me, when what i need is NIV/the message.

7.53am...after a bit of night's sleep.You see the problem is not so much the individual episodes,but the frequency and intensity of them,and the fact that each time i only make it through as of the thin foreskin of an unused condom(even though yes i went looking for trouble myself in the 1st instance). And moreso,it isnt so much the acts itself,but the principle behind it is what ruffles me. Its like how Paul explains that the lawcode starts out as an excellent piece of work,then my sins find a way to pervert my intentions and soon the lawcode instead of being used to guide me,now becomes the devil that seduces me-using good as a cover to tempt me. So i don't understand myself, i decide one way then i act out another way,toying with the things that i absolutely despice. And its not once again the acts that gall me,but the fact that if i soon give it all up and abandon to my most tipid self,i become "common". Just the same as any common flaunderer...and i hate the prospect of being...common.

I need to start work.Bury myself and become a workaholic,that has always helped.Oh, N P.S, IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED, HOT-in-STILETOES is back on blogsville!P.P.S: Ignore the seeming egoism in post title,it's only a naija slang.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!

    It's exactly 1am and just checked my phone and realised you had called..... I came straight here to see if I could save you!!!!

    T.Notes- You are something else and I really wish and hope you would leave all these women alone or let them leave you alone. If you still want to remain sane in this country, I would honestly advise you hide that 'T.Notes charm' until you are sure you can stay out of trouble.


  2. Haha! Even this post is kinda confusing oh! X_x Hope you find your friends :)

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  3. I would have volunteered my digits.. But years of unpaid work as a shrink has taught me that what lies at the end of the road is better avoided..

    I see your grooving o... Carry go...

  4. Simply hilarious. You are a case and a half T.

  5. lol @therustgeek ......
    Babes na wa oo, that is so 'Gold-diggerish' of that babe. T but you sef you just had to tell her of your new job, as if you didnt know it was gonna earn you some well played dude. would have done the same.

  6. She spotted a goldfish and went for the kill! T.Notes you've got to watch your back else you'll be handing over your paycheck to 'unregistered charity' in the months ahead!

  7. They don talk am finish LBB, full of care, no need for long story or KJV...

  8. My sister losing my mind o, 23 lap dances for

  9. lol at the gold digger babe. she couldnt even front a bit -__-

  10. Shall I send you my digits? I'll tell you stories to keep you away from the female species for life!

    Just kidding though.
    Keep your mind on the good and serious stuff (whatever that is). Before you get into trouble!

  11. You got a job is all I saw...Congrats and chill on the 'confusionism'

  12. need to be distracted is all...

    strange i was grappling with the same 'Paul' issue...all the good things i want to do, i find myself doing the opposite...

    i need to be distracted a good way

    you will be fine...forgetting what is behind and looking forward, yeah?

  13. LOL Drama-King!
    Congrats on the job...and wrt the gold digger(s) stay safe&wise :)

  14. Real Drama King .... I LUV YU!!! Call Me jor.... hahaha! I will never judge yu... you know nau!!.. I'm waiting oh, biggest baddest london boy!!!

  15. oh and btw I agree with our good man musco...loooolllllll!

  16. Oooooh me i don't like replying comment o. Too much hard work!!!!Can i get back to this and just enjoy your blogs in return?!