Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm getting married.....to Anowa!!!!

I mean.....


  1. Congratulations...
    Yes, she has very lovely....em....em...teeth!

    Okay, marry oh
    I only hope you are healthy enough to cope.If not ambulance number go dey your speed-dial

    My people say - 'You no go tell small pickin make im no get big teeth BUT you must pray say the pickin get big lips to cover the teeth'

    I don talk my own.

  2. Those legs are hmmmm powerful!!

  3. @T-notes. Hello, I stopped by some months back and read a bit of your 'rantings'. A friend gave me the blog add which i later misplaced and was so glad to find you somewhere on blogsville today. And what i found here (i must say) was kind of real and sincere. I love sincere writings and i hope you find answers one day to all your deep questions.
    But today, i find you getting married to Anowa! And I'm laughing hard. Who is she? Where is she? Infact her picture doesn't load on my machine. LOl!
    All in all, Keep writing, and keep keeping it real. Again i pray you find answers.

  4. She looks strong and in very good shape, you sure say you are fit enough? LOL...

  5. @NIL & Myne: What do you ladies mean by doubting my capabilities!!!Don't make me unleash here on blogger!!!Ofcos i am well capable of handling such a delicious vixen as the precious Anowa!!!!#sigh!!!She's heavenly!!!lol!

    @Kitkat: She is only The Nigerian Powerhouse,the female of all females,the man killer Anowa!!!

    @Ginger: And that exactly my point. Those legs!

    @LadyNgo: Lol!!!!


  6. @The King's son: Hmmm,thanx for the kind words.I'm real bad with repaying compliments,so i'll just busy over to your blog!!!lol!Thanx for dropping by.