Friday, October 7, 2011

all the world's a mini skirt and random blogs..

Good girls are the best,but a skank will always make a man look back.Matter of fact,a girl who knows how to hike a mini skirt and has mastered the abc's of seduction owns even your married man.#womaninthestreet,freakinbed-is all I want for xmas;-).

Just like the girl on the 9th floor.Once she gets off her sit,every guy observes the ritualistic 10seconds of silence-as if in worship of her winding buttocks and the wild places her hips take our minds to.

Have you heard the one of,#we live in a world of condoms?Talking about latex,never realized how highly sudsided they are in nigeria!No wonder the stagerring teenage preggers in here!

I've given up on the quest to tame my sex-thang.It is such a lost battle.I've been adviced to find me a girl who will screw my brains out.You know,the kind of woman who #does you,then gets off to light a cigarette whilst waiting for your limp d#*k to recouperate.

So on the flip side,I'm being wooed by a guy in the office.Suggestive emails,naughty winks,date pleas,the works.I always knew my loud laughter will get me in trouble soon.

Today I considered the fleeting thought of kissing a man.Brrrr..and that's not the coming winter's chill.

Talking about winter,ooooh,this one's going to be the worst.To all my accomplices heRe in yonder land,pls keep tabs on each one the other!

Because I am not totally unaware that my chances of going to heaven has been slipping away since the past year,I joined a christian help group in central london for people who are loosing grip of faith.It was however funny (in a sad sort of way) when it was my turn to tell my 'story' last week.After I was done,everybody was quiet.Go figure,you know you're in a bad place when you already know the text.

Talking about faith,pish,it seems to me (and my small understanding)that having faith back home was both a necessity and a fad.The real test,for me at least,is keeping faith when it becomes the unpopular alternative.

I need a date.Need a fun day out soon,and a blind date should add to the spontaneity;)