Monday, November 21, 2011

The last notes (confessions of a retiring blogger)

Three funny things happened within the past week.
1.I called home,and mums tells me her church pastor's been having revelations that I'm gonna turn out to become a pastor.#Don'taskmehow

2.I called clueless-in-stiletoes(blogger with the sexiest voice and ceo of veniviici.Forgive me A,I still struggle getting d spelling right!),and told her i want to buy a fat ass diamond.

3.I called musco(blogger) and he told me he's seeing visions of baby drama in my life.I cursed his 2nd generations and slammed the phone.

I will explain in the following notes...

P.S T.Z now speaks in terms of when we get married,if we get married...and she's got a man...and I might be going to France next week for an evil job.

I have a lot to get off my mind...there are my T.Notes.


  1. Where does the retiring blogger part come in?

  2. you better heed your mother...Moms know these things!!!

  3. hahahhahaha...the devil wears prada...Pastor and baby mama drama shouldnt go hand-in-glove....take your pick (though I think I know which it will be)

    I am still awaiting my prize!

    And like Sting asked, where does the retiring blogger part come in? Watch yoursef o!

  4. what do u mean retiring blogger? :'(
    France huh? i'm jealous :'(

  5. Off to France? To propose?

    When one isn't putting up posts as frequently as expected, the term 'retiring' begins to pop up.

  6. @ pet projects, to propose? she wishes lol. So are you taking a break??

    Muse Origins FB

  7. LOL!!!!!!

    It's coming sooner than you expect ...

    ...and we both know that France trip isn't going to happen!