Monday, February 3, 2014

My life on a chess board

I love the Financial markets in NY.
Especially the analysts who sit behind the scenes, making the magic happen.
I like to imagine that we are like some covert high intelligence squad,
recruited to anticipate a million market activity scenerios and work out how our clients should react in real time.

If obama sneezes,  we know how that seemingly insignificant action  will affect Microsoft prices,
And we react immediately, like bham!

But here's the problem point, according to my doctor:

You need to be able to disengage financial markets from real life!
You play your life like an unnecessarily complicated chess board!
You expect that everybody is involved in a high stake gamble which you compulsorily feel the need to win.

So you read in between every idle word,
Analyze every meaningless intention,
You give people's intelligence far more credibility than is required!
When infact,  people are just...very simple people.
Often without formular, or trendlines,
They are just...people being people.

But nothing is random with you.
So your brain is on overdrive 120% of the time.

Once in a while,  you need go into your mind and shut down your overactive imagination.
Just shut it down like an overworked industrial machine
and let there be utter silence in your mind.
Otherwise, i promise you,  you're going to end up as a fruit cake one day.

I never really liked the guy.
His checkered purple shoe laces never match his belt.
And the way he tinkers with his belt buckle suggest some level of sexual frustration
which isn't healthy for his age anyways.
Dude might bucker up under a ditsy twenty year old and cheap viagra someday.

Telling me I overanalyze everything!
You should grow up in Nig. and don't over analyze - see how long you'll survive!

If his life was a stock option, I wouldn't bet half of my dog's lunch on his prospects.
And I think HR is wasting company money on all these stupid monday
lunch times sessions.

Briefly moving on....where my Ghanain folks at! Deenta, N&Lee, Kojo - I see you doing that church clap biz in there!...This has been my office 'boss-mode' theme song this week. And gosh, i love being black!

Ever feel like you worry too much and then worry about how you worry too much about worrying in the first place?
Strengths that are annoying weaknesses all at the same time.....


  1. Oh how I know this!!!! "Ever feel like you worry too much and then worry about how you worry too much about worrying in the first place?" One never ending cycle. I am praying to get better at worrying less.
    But in truth, some people are just ....simply being simple people, no over-analysis required.
    And in truth again, the Nigerian factor plays a huge role in worrying....a lot! You worry you dont have enough food, you worry that if you "over-buy" NEPA may eff you up and make it all spoil, you worry that if you dont buy enough, the prices might have been hiked (for no reason) by the time you are ready to buy. You worry that if you hold onto the money, thieves may visit you at night (or even broad day light sef).......even the mundane things cause a lot of worry!

    But, take it easy nonetheless....said one worrywart to the other

    1. From one worrywart to another, thanks for your thoughts HD! know...i'm not sure i agree that people are often times just plain and simple, without motive or agenda. Some people, yeah, but not MOST people! And that's the problem point right there!

      And i admit i should quit with the analytics, but when people aren't plain and direct, then don't you often feel the need to play ahead of the mind games?

      Or then again, maybe just live life on your own terms - without the need to validate or be validated by anybody's complexities....

      On worries...yes, i'm choosing to let things go. NEPA, Cash, budgets, foolish plans for twenty years in advance...I can't connect every single dot, so i'll take what i get and leave the rest to fate.

      Thanks for the thoughts. #appreciate.

  2. I made a decision sme years back to worry less. Sometimes, I have to virtually combat my OCD but it's been working :)

    1. I like the idea of 'making a point blank decision'. i.e, done with the worries and that's it! Glad its working for you! What's the trick??
      Me, i'd tell myself same, then commence a long winded selfie discussion on #how the whole world is going to crash and burn just because i haven't checked out the life planner within 2hours. Well, not to those extremes, but the point nonetheles...

  3. Would you just stop worrying and stop analyzing the shrink already???

    1. Hahaha! I knew someone (and most likely YOU) would spot that!

  4. Right here! Loving "Badder Than Bad" myself.
    From the sounds of it, I don't like your doctor at all (and I never even met him).
    Go into my mind and shut down my overactive imagination (seriously? what would that leave me with)? He just never has been to Africa plain and simple (imagine that!).

    1. :)
      I tell you, i'm very close to just nationalising myself as Ghananain at this rate! What say you?!!! lol.
      There you go, another sensible person who agrees with my sentiments on over-paid counseling psychologists!

  5. I wish it could be easy to stop worrying....*sigh*.....

    1. Like 'make a wish' and 'poof, worries away'!
      But seriously though, i do think its choice - some more than for others, but a choice all the same.
      #Let go Let God.

  6. people are really just simple screwed up people who are trying their best daily to get a hang of life...sigh! I am going crazy.

    please stop worrying and stop over analyzing things so you don't go crazy like me.

    1. Hahahaha! I thought that was going to end along the lines of....'People are just plain screwed up people, doing best to get on my last nerve'! Almost as if with an intent motive too!
      Lol. Come back from the crazies Lara!

  7. How do you tell a type A personality that he should just shut down his creativity and thought processes when he lives for all that? Being in control at all times makes him feel alive?

    Do you even have a dog?

    1. My point exactly Okeoghene!

      Yes, our intuitions as a result of overactive imaginations might often turn out wrong, but there's comfort in that feeling of being in control of something...anything... even if it's all in our heads.

      Lol. Figure of speech. I used to, but i don't have one at the moment.