Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ten blue-eyed Bambi(s)

I met Bambi whilst watching waterfalls on the coast of Amalfi.
A spunky 'teenage tour guide who dared remind me of myself...
'He wondered about my adult fascination with crashing waters,
and I told him how they remind me of my emotions,
wild and often without seeming control.

Bambi found us a vantage 'seat right under a thousand meters of cascading waters.
His only reply was a short hum of an old TLC song,
the one admonishing fools who use up precious life chasing after waterfalls.
I understood the pun but proceeded to enlighten his naivety.

I told him how life had endowed some of us with excessive portions of human
We would love to heights of kilimanjaro,
then spiral to the depths of meaningless depression in the same single breathe -
Riding every wave of emotional high like a fool - none the wiser even with every let down.

Bambi misunderstood all of the symbolism in my tirade, 
Diverting instead with a brief response,
of how he'd once fallen in love with a local beauty...
Some girl that caused his heart to flutter every time she sauntered by...
He said he'd found his feelings to be like a reckless woman
that whispered wretched desires in his ears
only to leave you with nothing, except wispy nothingness.

I like the idea of being able to divert emotions at will,
but i wonder about being able to divert what ought to be natural, like majestic waterfalls.

I love waterfalls, just as much as I loathe the often chaotic confusion of my emotional state of mind.
But lately I am finding that even though the beauty of waterfalls
lies in the majesty of her unrestrained and unending free fall,
However, for psychological wellbeing,
one must find a tap-screw somewhere within our jagged crevices
to turn off our feelings and control its...splendid chaos once in a while.

If all else fails...
Count ten blue-eyed Bambi(s) before indulging any sort of emotional response.

This is a T.Note.


  1. Golden Mean - find the mid point.
    Extreme is sweet when all's well, but finding the Golden Mean is smart.

  2. Hmm....Aristotle / Greek philosophy? Show off!!! But yeah, true...very true E.D!
    Admittedly, i did a quick google read-up.

    1. It's not often I get to, so when I do get the opportunity, of course I gotta show off.
      hehehehehehehe... nice to know I had you googling :p

  3. I think a little bit of everything is good. As long you do not allow any part to take over you

    I love the way you capture your thoughts in your posts sometimes
    It is quite peculiar and so you :)

    1. Yeah i guess so Janyl...moderation is charm...or finding that elusive Golden mean, like Efua puts it.

      Thanks...JB...fine compliment :)

  4. I love how your writings make me stop and think....

    1. That makes both of us squared then, as your post do just exactly the same...