Monday, December 29, 2014

14:14 - Lazy conclusions...

And there you go, it's a wrap! The very last of 14 posts maintained all through the year. Surprisingly not an easy task! Left to my own laziness these days, I'd be lucky to have three posts in total throughout the year.

I must say i did enjoy the theme of finding new blogs, rediscovering old favourites, and had quite a few charmed conversations along the way. For me, that's the beauty of a writing community - finding shared interests and common ground, with a little less effort than in real life.

So if you asked me what I've learnt from this effort of reviewing blogs, I'd summarise it into this- you'll find what you're looking for on blogsville, and hey why not?!

So this last post is a dedicated "Thank you" to the incredible Janyl.B for putting me through this disciplined torture of creating 14 themed posts in 2014 and at the same time easily resuscitating this page14 times at the least throughout the year!

Best wishes for 2015 folks!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

14:14: About subtly sexy holiday randoms and Toinlicious

Merry Christmas folks, from the sexy Lake Annecy Ski resorts, where my heart temporarily resides - even though i cannot move an inch on ski boards if my life depended on it. The problem with ski- holidays is that, after the slopes, comes the (sometimes) unisex saunas and the enthusiasm to show off fit bodies and new bikinis, hence the premise for this random post.

Who makes you feel the way that i make you feel - is a quote from Dido*

I think it's interesting how the world has gotten very unapologetically sexy. And to a certain extent, there might be nothing wrong with that - some people are more sensual than others, why be hypocritic about it? But i think that opinion is valid as mine only, because i also think that self-control is a whole lot more sexy and noble than kama-sutra. I think sex has always been sexy and has a right to remain so - it adds a certain edginess, or je ne sais quoi to our days. Like the random days of returning home to a victoria secret candle-lit dinner which required no culinary skills at all, only a few tips from cosmo.

I tried to do a review of Toinlicious' blog, but my thoughts wouldn't stay in one place long enough to coin any logical thoughts. Until i realized that, that in essence is the blog in question - bouncy and constantly skirting around your mind with curious intentions - pun intended. And it is easy to lose your train of thoughts when you're in a communual space in front of a sizzling fireplace with the occasional distractions of see-through jeggings and unashamed intentions.

But that is my point exactly - keeping faith and sensibilities in crazed situations like these. Such as trying to complete a deadline post with nearby distractions giggling and jiggling away, probably because her new bikini bottoms are ticklish in appropriate places. And that right there would be the catch-phrase to sum-up this review of Toinlicious - ticklish in appropriate places. I think sexiness should remain like that, on the edge and covert, but yet like a stilled tidal wave that's daring and locks down your attention. You're both fully aware of its unmatched fury, like a caged hurricane, so you maintain a respectable distance.*

Lately i've been listening to a lot of - i think it's either an unconscious act of defiance, or a stupid last ditch effort to cling to the familiar. My Nig.interactions are shrinking fast, so much so that i've found myself a few times the idiot who's unconsciously pronouncing his name with a stupid accent. My analysis of that situation is a discussion for another time. The point though is how, along with frequently tuning into the traffic report radio show on inspiration FM, i have lately become a sucker for those late night "agony-aunt" call-in radio shows. The months ahead involve a lot of late nights, and well, the shows have made for entertaining company.

And everyone knows how a sensual female voice over the night radio adds a soothing effect to a stressful day. Particularly if she were clad only in a tiny yellow fleece housecoat and gently rubbing away at stress points at the sides of your head, whilst you're laying astride a comfy sofa, on a quiet night trying to round up last-minute reports. She'd be reaching over ever so often to massage away naughty creases on your forehead and so frequently allowing her flimpsy coat to fall loose and reveal a lush pair of...let's not carried away with descriptives.

A girl called into one of the radio shows to lament a situation where she'd recently discovered that her fiance is a cousin to a guy she'd been in a 'friends-with-benefits' relationship with in the past. In summary, she'd been previously romping her finance's cousin. She was calling to get advice on if to confess her colorful past to her fiancee, or if to agree with the previous partner that her past is dead and buried, and hope that the matter remains forever undisclosed. I thought it was a very interesting lose-loose-lose situation. I thought that if she confesses, her finacee will dump her very quickly. If he doesn't, that tiny piece of information will forever taunt fiance's mind until he goes and shags wife's sister in return, tit-for-tat, they say. If she doesn't confess, the truth will come out some day and it wouldn't be a pretty situation. I thought her best bet was to count her losses and move on.

I posed the question to a few guys over a holiday lunch, would you marry a girl who's been previously romping your cousin? The answer was a resounding #HeckNo. Then i asked, would you expect to be forgiven if you slept with your partner's cousin, and the answers flipped around very quickly.

That's just the thing about randoms, they often fail to make point. But yeah, i read this today and thought it might be fitting: "I have the right to do anything--but I will not be mastered by anything."

Have a happy holiday folks and best wishes for 2015!

Intro: The 14-for-14 challange by Janyl. (Click here to familiarize yourelf with the '14 for 14 challenge'). This is my 12th post into that journey.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A beautiful mind (two minutes rant)

The curse of the creative mind is in failing to realize, that real life is entirely dissimilar to the talents we flaunt over blank canvases and writing pads.
That the heavens have not given to us the same liberties to recreate realities that we fancy at the ingenious stroke of our impulsive pen.

So we would oft contend with deep disatisfactions, as the world refuses to submit to our own story lines.
Blustering back and forth erratic emotions of the real scripts of life's unapologetic  realities.
And real people that are just people without the expected edges and artistic depths that you would have penned into this tale, this day.

I mean who imagines this setting, and characters that could be so much more classier, and perfect, if she'd given those responses with a certain flair and turned her nose up just a tard inch higher.
That was not the way the story was supposed to end, no it was not.
So you trash yet another script failing to realize that that was another real person and a real situation and real emotions and  real lives beneath penny worth of hapless conversations....

But you didn't write the story, if only you'd written the story. It would have been so much more perfect in my own words.

Two minutes!